Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Where To Avail The Most Delish Desserts In Bhubaneswar!

Maybe you haven’t noticed, but Bhubaneswar is now brimming with indulgent places that are serving some of the most scrumptious and mouth-watering desserts. In fact, there’s something for every kind of sweet tooth in the city, and we are sure after reading this article, you will be totally filled with a childlike glee!


Read on to discover these sweet confections below and get to know where exactly in the capital city you will be able to dive in its sweetness! 


Nutella Strawberry Pie | Gulab Jamun Shots

This is the perfectly baked Nutella Strawberry Pie that’s filled with chocolate and strawberry sauce. The softness, succulence, flakiness are just in the correct amount, and it even melts in the mouth right away.

Next is the interesting redo given to the traditional Gulab Jamun, that’s mingled with chocolate sauce or rabdi and served in the form of shots. This small yet power-packed sweetness in shot glasses can simply be consumed in one go!

Location: Michael’s Kitchen, Near Sainik School


Cold Stone Ice-cream | Belgian Chocolate Shake

Rich ice-cream of your choice served on a flower shaped wafer with cream rolls along side, is just heavenly. You can even prefer a medley of flavours, the best being chocolate and vanilla!


On the other hand, Belgian Chocolate Shake is amazing and its gooey yet sinfully delicious texture will make you fall in love with it. In the end, there will be a bit of the creamy chocolate to give you a perfect dessert indulgence!

Location: The Chocolate House, Shahid Nagar


Paan Flavoured Natural Ice-cream

All your life, have you refrained from having that paan from the nukkad shop? Worry not, here comes your treat! With a thick creamy texture, the flavour as well as the aroma of this natural ice-cream is in resemblance to that of the original paan!

Location: Go Cool, Chandrasekharpur


Nolen Gur | Tender Coconut Flavoured Ice-cream

Never imagined these could even turn into ice-cream flavours, right? Once tried, you will feel like directly having tender coconuts with a dash of sugar and cream. And about Nolen Gur, any description will be an understatement. In this, the goodness of thick ice-cream with the ultimate taste of date palm and jaggery just exudes an astounding taste.

Pic Coutesy: Facebook

Location: Pabrai’s Fresh & Naturelle Ice-cream, Jaydev Vihar


Sizzling Walnut Brownie

If there is any sin in the world worth indulging in without any remorse, then this it! The Walnut Brownie’s richness, sweetness, colour and every other aspect is bound to sweep you off. Served on a sizzling platter and topped with vanilla ice-cream besides chocolate sauce, this heavenly dessert is worth every penny!

Pic Courtesy: Facebook

Location: Mainland China


Italian Mud Pie

Replete with lots of love and chocolate, this sweet thing is served with an essence straight from Italy. It also has a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream topped with an alluring cherry, which looks good and tastes best!

Location: Nakli Dhaba, Mayfair Lagoon


Baked Gur Rasagolla

The regular and famous cheese dumpling just got tastier with this classic twist! With the addition of jaggery, the sweet gets a brownish tinge and is presented in sweet syrup. Relishing this dessert in a super exotic ambiance, will surely make your deal a tad sweeter!

Location: Nakli Dhaba, Mayfair Lagoon


Choco Plant

Brownies are loved by all and sundry! Once you go through this chocolaty plant, you will find vanilla ice-cream atop the mashed brownie which again is filled with chocolate sauce. Moreover, it also comes decorated with nuts and Kitkat pieces!

Location: Tyre Patty, Shahid Nagar


Fried Ice-cream

In this, a scoop of vanilla ice-cream is firstly covered with a thin layer of bread crumbs or mashed cornflakes and then is either fried or baked. One bite of it will have your taste buds clinging to the crunchy part as well as the soft melting ice-cream part. This is just a good enough tweak to the normal ice-cream we have at all times!

Pic Courtesy: She Wears Many Hats

Location: Taste Of China, Bapuji Nagar


White Chocolate Blondie

If you have always liked Milkybar, then do go for this one. The rich white chocolate is filled with lots of dry fruits, maple butter syrup and vanilla ice-cream as well. Treat yourself with this dessert once in a while and let the foodie in you revel exquisitely!

Location:  Bling It On, Hotel The New Marrion