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“What Is The Easiest Way To Get A Girlfriend In Bhubaneswar?”

We all know how the dating culture has changed over the years, from sending love letters to stalking and various other ways. However these days guys find it quite tiresome to have a girlfriend, and hence post on different social media platforms about their desperation and frustration. On the popular site Quora, someone has even dared to enquire about the easiest way to find a girlfriend in the city, and the responses to this question are just way too hilarious!


If you are also curious to know the exact process of having a girlfriend in no time, then read on and stay informed! 

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Sameem Sawan:

You can easily get one girlfriend in Facebook with name Angel Priya, Princess Divya and so on. By seeing your questions I can imagine the level of your desperateness so some of them might have suggested you.

  • A bike is all needed to get one girlfriend.
  • Money is all you need.
  • Stand in front of some random colleges and you can get one.

Listen buddy, don’t be so cheap. Respect is all you need to show.

Well, he really told all the cheap aspects to the despo guy first and then talked about respect! Anyway, better late than never!

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Avijit Chakraborty:

A girlfriend is not a fruit which hangs in the tree, so you could just pluck it and ‘get it’. The way you wrote this question, depicts the things wrong with you, and why you don’t have a girlfriend. Girls are just human beings with opposite sex, you don’t just get them; you need to be friends with them, understand them and also cherish them. Make girl friends‘ first, then think of having a girlfriend. From what I can make out, you are not too good with among girls or around them. Build a relationship based on care, trust and then love, which is the most important ingredient. So, get a life first and then think of getting a girlfriend.

Oh, what a gentleman! Well, technically, a space between girl and friends can create a lot of difference! I guess, he just took it too seriously!

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Sunny Mohapatra:

NAVIGATION: From Vani Vihar go straight towards Acharya Vihar. From there you again move straight and take a left towards Rajdhani College to reach Bermunda Bus stand. From there, go straight towards Khandagiri on the wrong side and take a right just before Khandagiri square. This road leads to AMRI. My friend, here you can choose as many friends as you want. They are not so demanding and best part is they can be your GF or BF or Both as well. JUST ENJOY!!!

Navigation! Well, you’ve got a proper address along with navigation! So, yes, go on and “Just Enjoy!”

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Rajshree Patro:

  • Make friends with girls.
  • Be comfortable with them.
  • Help them when needed.
  • Care for them a lot because every girl ants a caring Bf.
  • Be hygienic. Always use deo. Girls get attracted by good fragrance.
  • Always give respect to girls.
  • Spend some time with her.
  • Exercise daily for sound body.
  • Be yourself and don’t overeact.
  • With little money you can make her feel the best. Like go for a golgappa party, dance with her in the rain, play with her (song competition, damsharaz, etc)
  • Make her feel special.
  • Share your thoughts. Tell her that in future you will love your wife like a queen then she might think about herself in that position in your life.
  • Then propose her and she will be yours.
  • If she rejects you then don’t get depressed. Be loyal and one day she will love you back.
  • Making love is not an instant process. You have to wait for that.

Now that’s a really long list! Perhaps, the person who questioned is just going to freak out and give up the idea of having a girlfriend!

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If you really want a girlfriend in Bhubaneswar, then you have to follow these simple footsteps:

  • Stand in front of LH5 girls’ hostel of Utkal University.
  • Pretend that you just had a massive, out-of-the-world, dreadful breakup with your ex and you will do anything and everything possible to get her back.
  • Someone will definitely notice and console you on your sorry state of affairs. She or someone from her extended friend circle will become your girlfriend for sure.

Subject to condition that you will be available 24*7 for her. You will pickup and drop her with your vehicle from every conceivable location (pun intended), and save her from lechers​, hooligans, rowdies and male hysteria patients roaming in the vicinity of Utkal University.

What is happening here? A girlfriend sale? Because this definitely looks like one! Well, take it easy!

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Sanchita Patnaik:

Do one thing. Give an ad that you need a gf including the basic qualifications. I am sure you will get success! Listen bro, gf is not a product that you will get it after giving a price. Try to focus on your career & find true love. Hope it helps!

What a savage! This lady’s level of sarcasm is just what is needed for guys like these! Rightly said Ma’am!

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Shubham Shah:

Stay single mate!! Avoid danger. No offence. Just an opinion!!

At least someone spoke the truth! Girls can be a big time DANGER for guys like Mr. Anonymous. So, better to avoid it and stay single and enjoy your freedom!


Well, personally, I don’t think girlfriends are that easy to get in Bhubaneswar! But the comments above absolutely give justice to all the humour and sarcasm that the questioner deserves. So peeps, let us know your opinions about getting a girlfriend in Bhubaneswar and what you think about the comments above!


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