Thursday, August 24, 2017

This Photo-story Of Koraput Will Be Enough To Let You Pack Your Bags And Visit The Place!

Koraput is no stranger to breathtaking landscapes and out of all the places in Odisha, there is something truly enchanting about this district which is hard to be overlooked. It has a striking setting with a seemingly endless stretch of mountains, rich tribal culture, and timeless craft besides housing the highest waterfall of Odisha. The list does not end here and Koraput has plenty of natural wonders to offer than just this! To a lot of people, the place is still unknown but to others it makes up for an exotic weekend getaway or a destination to bask in the picture-perfect scenery.


With so many classic attractions, Koraput is certainly Odisha’s sacred natural treasure. Scroll down and get ready to be awed by the beauty and diversity that is in and around Koraput!



1) Jeypore: Witness the royalness in this region


Pic Courtesy: Wiki Media


2) Gupteswar cave: Seek for spirituality in the abode of Lord Shiva


Pic Courtesy: Odisha Dairy


3) Duduma waterfall: Bask in the magnificence of Odisha’s highest waterfall!


Pic Courtesy: Udayan Sarathi


4) Deomali hills: Enchant yourself with the highest mountain peak of Odisha!


Pic Courtesy: Udayan Sarathi


5)  Sabar Srikshetra: Halt at this picturesque Jagannath temple


Pic Courtesy: Google


6) Koraput fabric: A beautiful art to know and cherish


Pic Courtesy: The Saree Festival


7) Tribal: Revel in the culture of these local inhabitants


Pic Courtesy: Flickr


8) Nandapur: This site of ancient heritage should definitely be visited


Pic Courtesy: go2india


9) Dumuriput: Awe yourself with the sight of highest kneeling Hanuman statue in Odisha


Pic Courtesy: Flickr


10) Kolab dam: Spend your evenings alongside this majestic reservoir


Pic Courtesy: Tripigator


11) Tribal museum: Get to revisit the rich history


Pic Courtesy: Explore My Trip


And last but not the least; enjoy these idyllic painting-like scenes of Korpaut:



Pic Courtesy: Flickr



Pic Courtesy: Flickr



Pic Courtesy: World Wild Wonders



Pic Courtesy: Bhubaneswar Buzz



Pic Courtesy:India Rail Info



Pic Courtesy: Partha Pratimpatra



Pic Courtesy: Partha Pratimpatra



Pic Courtesy: Partha Pratimpatra



Pic Courtesy: Partha Pratimpatra


On any day, if you wish to take a dose of the greenery, then make this your ideal spot and definitely include Koraput in the top of your travel bucket list!