Sunday, September 24, 2017

This Is How Mayuri Das Of Odisha Wooed All Through MTV Splitsvilla S09

Indian reality television is a huge mass entertainment. It’s no secret that we all have our share of most loved TV shows which perfectly manages to consume our time and emotions. However, no reality show has ever captured the heart of India’s teenagers & adults, the way MTV Splitsvilla has done. What spices up this hunt for love even more are the creative tasks and gorgeous participants who feature in this show. And a rather interesting part of its 9th season is the fact that Mayuri Das of Odisha has been one of the contestants in the show who kept all her viewers & other participants charmed by her graceful persona.



Hailing from Rourkela, the 26-year-old Mayuri Das earned herself a spot in Splitsvilla S09 amongst six other beautiful female contestants. Though she got eliminated from the show in the last week’s episode, Mayuri did leave behind a great impression besides garnering an immense fan-following. Let’s peek into the life of Mayuri, the young starlet from Odisha who is on her path to do great things.


The ever glamorous Mayuri has in her blood the knack of acting since she picked the basics both from her father & grandfather who were both into theatre. After completing her education from Mt. Carmel Convent School, Rourkela, Mayuri later graduated from the Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pune which gave a boost to her fashionable side. By far she has created many designs, and interestingly the first dress that she wore on Splitsvilla was elegantly crafted by Mayuri herself.




Since childhood, Mayuri had been a pageant girl and a pampered one for being the only girl child of her big joint family. However, spending eight years in Pune taught Mayuri much about the intricacies of life while also giving her a real taste of the glamorous world. She took part in college fashion shows & thereafter ramp walked in various beauty pageants as well. Mayuri bagged many titles and was ultimately declared the Queen of Queens in one of the pageants.


Mayuri’s foray into television was in 2012 when she appeared on the Live out Loud show conducted by Bindass, an entertainment channel. This initial TV debut did give a little spark to her acting career but it was only short-lived. For the next three years, it was difficult for Mayuri to get a proper platform to stage her skills. However, it was only in 2015 that a friend of Mayuri suggested her to audition for MTV Splitsvilla, and the rest remains history!




Although accidentally, Mayuri strutted her way into the villa and made sure everyone fancied her. Adding an intriguing new theme of Where Women Rule in Splitsvilla S09, Mayuri the dusky beauty feels herself privileged to land in the perfect season. Ever confident, Mayuri received massive cheers for her poised appearance and strong opinions. The viewers found her to be classy while the other contestants got to know of a strong & competitive side of hers.


Talking about her show’s best moment, Mayuri will never forget the wrestling encounter which she had with an Ex-Roadie & a fellow Splitsvilla participant named Martina Thariyan. It was the first queen’s task on the show and though Mayuri didn’t emerge victorious in that physical challenge, she was highly lauded by host Rannvijay Singh and others for exhibiting a tough competition.




As goes the essence of Splitsvilla to find a soul-mate, Mayuri did happen to strongly connect with Karan Khanna on the show. Their attachment was depicted in an adorable way on Splitsvilla, despite disagreements in some situations. Mayuri wooed all, till the time she was in the villa. However, certain things didn’t go well and ultimately she had to leave the show. But since Splitsvilla is filled with numerous twists & turns, we just never know if Mayuri might re-appear.




Though having a great time on the show, Mayuri did feel that she had all the potential to reach upto the finals. Nevertheless, she left the show with elan and with a fame which is now set to soar. After getting a colossal leap in her career through Splitsvilla, Mayuri is all prepared to make it even more prestigious. In fact she has already got some opportunities to work in shows and be a show-stopper too!


Considering herself to be a true Odia, Mayuri is in awe of the Odia culture & its rich heritage. And she has undoubtedly raised the bars for people of Odisha to choose and prosper in a field that is so challengingly glamorous. Determined to pursue her career in television, we are anxiously awaiting to see what the future has in store for the ravishing Mayuri Das!