Friday, September 22, 2017

Things Which We All See, Do & Feel During Ganesh Chaturthi In Bhubaneswar & Cuttack!

The religious rave that makes up for the entire Ganesh Chaturthi festivity is electrifying. Every young or old and rich or poor, revel in the magic of Ganesha and pour in their emotions to impress one of the cutest Lords. Even the twin-cities have their unique ways of building up enthusiasm around this occasion. But certain elements are only symbolic of this festival, thus making everyone feel a happy part of it with their own small or huge contributions.

Listed below are some precise activities mostly in Bhubaneswar & Cuttack which are commonly seen, done and felt by people during the course of Ganesh Chaturthi.


1)  Streets flooded with Ganesha idols of varied styles & sizes!

Much before the festival, different areas line up to sell Ganesha idols of thumb-size to grand size & even of multiple designs. Especially the vibrancy at Unit-1 Haat, Bhubaneswar & Dolmundai, Cuttack where the mud idols are sold, set up the mood for this festival & charges up people. While variations in idols reflect the artisans’ craftiness, the multiple sizes allow every house to have their own version of Ganesha.



2) The last night prepping up

The previous night just before the festive day, becomes the night of colourful decorations. Every person gets creatively busy with flickering lights, colored ribbons or laces, quirky hangings, a lot of flowers & many other things, to give the area a playful yet divine touch. The room, pandal and pedestal where the Lord gets pompously placed are all decked up in a nice way!


Pic Courtesy: ghar360


3)  Up in the morning to dress and impress

On this day, all the young & old devotees get excited to wear new attires and to be in festive appearances. Mostly the youngsters and kids are fond of looking their best while they set out to hail this occasion with their friends in schools, colleges or coaching centres. Ganesh Chaturthi simply becomes the right festival to add a new pair of bright costume to the fancy collection of clothes!


Pic Courtesy: buzzintown


4) It’s all about my turn of Prasad

Lord Ganesha loves the prasad that is offered to him. And so does every other person! Not just the Ganesha chants & fragrance of incense sticks fill the air of the festival with rejoice, but also the delicious sight of Modak, Ladoo and every other prasad lets one gorge on these sweets like a child!


Pic Courtesy: padmaskitchen


5) Keeping a count and an account of the idols worshipped

How many times have you set out for a tour of this day, only to keep a count of the number of Ganesha idols seen from Cuttack to Bhubaneswar or the other way around? Almost every year! Then one also tracks the kind of mud or eco-friendly idol and any other customized look of Ganesha noticed in the pandals, only to get back & narrate to friends or family about the most liked ones!


6) For every area, their Ganesha is the best of the rest!

One will notice in Cuttack specially, that almost every area places a big or small idol of the Lord to mark this auspicious day. Bedecked in gold, silver or in any other atypical way, the different sahis of Cuttack specialize in crafting gorgeous pandals and idols, sometimes only to stand out from all other places. Even the pandals in different areas of Bhubaneswar are no less with their innovations and ultimately craft something that’s never seen before!


Pic Courtesy: Sambit 1982


7) Music is the ultimate essence of this festivity!

Not just any music, it’s the item and hit tunes of Bollywood or popular Odia songs which are mostly typical of the revelries here. But it is not the same for all. There are many pandals in these cities where only spiritual music or bhajans are played to lift up the moods of the religious lot who are visiting there. However, we are certain for some pandals of Cuttack that Bollywood’s Kala Chashma song is going to be a rage for them in this Ganesh Chaturthi season!


Pic Courtesy: lifeblog9


8)  An adieu to the Lord

The spectacular Ganpati Visarjan sight in Bhubaneswar & Cuttack looks no less than a street carnival. Marking the Visarjan ceremony, the idols are taken out of pandals & homes in huge processions and amidst rocking celebrations on the road. Especially Cuttack observes this ceremony with great fanfare, sometimes even making the traffic come to a halt.  Yes, with the help of Government & local authorities, the Visarjan scene in Bhubaneswar & some parts of Cuttack are little organised but there’s still more to be done!



Pic Courtesy: discoverbaripada


We hereby end with a hope that people and society maintain the true essence of this festivity and not degrade the charm with extra high decibel music or unclean streets. Glorify the Lord uniquely while also keep in mind to cheer up your surroundings. Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to one and all!