Sunday, September 24, 2017

These Beautiful Places of Western Odisha Are Still Less Recognized!

Not many of us know that Western Odisha, which is pretty neglected and overlooked, is quite abound with beautiful flora and fauna as well as temples and other architectural excellence!


Take a look at some of the amazing places in Western Odisha which are worth visiting!


Hirakud Dam │ Sambalpur

Built across the Mahanadi river, Hirakud Dam is the longest earthen dam in India. One can get breath-taking views of the dam and lake from the two observation towers, namely, Gandhi Minar and Nehru Minar!

Huma Temple │ Sambalpur

This Leaning Temple of Huma which is home to Lord Shiva is one of the only two leaning temples in the world. It is located in a village called Huma, situated on the bank of Mahanadi river.

Ghanteswari Temple │ Sambalpur

As the name suggests, this temple has bells everywhere! People offer bells to Goddess Ghanteswari or the Deity of Bells, after the fulfillment of their wishes. It is also known as the ‘lighthouse without light’ which was built by early sailors, for whom these bells served as warning against heavy winds!

Nrusinghanath Temple │ Bargarh

Situated at the foot hills of Gandhamardhan Hills, the foundation of this historic temple was laid in 1313 A.D. The main attraction here is a beautiful garden which showcases Lord Krishna’s different avatars and a 28 feet Lord Hanuman’s statue at the centre of this garden!

Buddhist Shrine │ Boudh

Boudh is an ancient city built by Buddhist monks and followers. The region is replete with temples, caves and Buddha statues! The name Boudh itself speaks the presence of Buddha.

Ushakothi (Badarama) Wildlife Sanctuary │ Sambalpur

This dry deciduous forest is home to a rich flora and fauna with the main attractions of the sanctuary being racket tailed drongos and flying squirrels. Try getting adventurous and go on for a wildlife safari here!

Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary │ Bargarh

Being an important site for in-situ conservation of wildlife and its habitat, this place is home to a large number of varied species. It is also extremely important in the national context as it conserves species like Leopard, Indian Gaur and four-horned Antelope.

Chiplima │ Sambalpur

Being a popular picnic spot, the main attraction of this place is a 24.38 metres tall natural waterfall, which is harnessed for generating electricity. It is also known for harbouring Ghanteswari, the presiding deity of the place!

Gudguda Waterfall │ Sambalpur

These seven step-by-step waterfalls have beautifully carved themselves through the rocks! This is also a good site for mountain trekking. So, don’t forget to carry your trekking shoes along whenever you plan to visit here!

Deulajhari Hot Spring │ Athamallik, Angul

The Deulajhari hot water spring is one of its type and originates from below a Shivalinga which holds a distinct religious attribute to itself. The two ponds are connected to each other, with one containing cold water and the another hot!

Harishankar Temple & Waterfall │ Bolangir

Mesmerizing its visitors with the charm of a series of bewitching waterfalls, this place is also famous as a pilgrimage site. It is even well known for its infrequent scenic charms and the presence of Hari and Shankar, the dual deity of the Vaishnav and Shaivite sects of Hinduism!

Pradhanpat Waterfalls │ Deogarh

Located at a distance of 100 kms from Sambalpur, this is a picturesque waterfall which is surrounded by some of the rarest scenic sights of nature making it one of Odisha’s most beautiful waterfalls!


Blessed with such magnificent places, Western Odisha indeed needs to be explored! We are sure that after your travel to this region, you will not only develop a fondness for the places but will also fall in love with the dialect and people out there!