Sunday, September 24, 2017

The Story Of Dr. Bhaskar From Puri Who Has A Special Craze Of Collecting Pens!

A pen is the best form of stationery to unleash one’s creative potential. Although the digital age has led people to write less and type more, nevertheless there are ones who love to style their handwriting on a paper. All with the use of a mighty pen. Infact there are even some sort of fanatics who start collecting pens as opposed to just owning them. The owners’ treat these collections as luxurious materials and fondly keep on adding more. Here’s an account of one such person from Puri whose treasury of pens is highly impressive. 


Dr. Bhaskar Mishra, an inhabitant of Baseli village, Puri and a 54-year-old man seems to stand out of the way and maintain his craze towards pens over all these years. Not only does he use pens for writing, instead he has been collecting varieties of pen from all over the globe. To create a gallery of pens, is one of Bhaskar’s dreams!



One of Dr. Mishra’s close ones, Dr. Harish Jena, an allopathic doctor by profession, is the reason behind this entire passion of his. Being a doctor, he is used to being presented with pens as a token of gratuity by various pharmaceutical companies every time. Instead of keeping these pens to himself, he shared it with Dr. Mishra each time he paid him a visit. This continuous act of being presented with a pen by his close friend, led Dr. Mishra to develop a weakness towards pens in an unusual manner thus leading him towards being a penophile.


As of now, he has collected and preserved over a thousand pens out of which 127 of them belong to several small and big companies while about 30 odd pens in actual belong to other nations.



Dr. Mishra  happens to have a wide range of vintage pens in his gallery some of which include the reed pen, fountain pen, ink pen, ballpoint pen, roller ball pen, pens used in royal families, metal stylus, trident edged pen, ivory pens, bullock horn pens, quill pens, pens made of sishu wood, chandan wood and many more.



When asked about his passion, Dr. Mishra was of the view that whenever he came across some exclusive pens at any point of time, without even thinking twice he would simply buy them. His craze for pens was so much that he stopped at nothing. His interest kept on growing with time and now when his friends or relatives find any kind of unique pen, they happily give it to Dr. Mishra for enhancing his special collection.



Not just his dear ones, but the list of contributors comprise of many eminent personalities like spiritual leader Nirliptananda Saraswati, Pragyanandji Maharaj, Padmashree Prafulla Kar, ex Chief Secretary of Odisha Subhas Pani, Siksha ‘O’ Anusandhan University President Manoj Nayak, AIIMS Director Ashok Mahapatra and the like. At present, Dr. Mishra happens to take initiative to collecting pens from some other eminent personalities which include West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and Chattisgarh Chief Minister Raman Singh in the future.


Presently working as a Coordination Officer between Jagannath Temple Administration, Puri and Government of Odisha, Dr. Mishra aims to devote his free hours for opening a proper pen gallery post retirement.