Sunday, September 24, 2017

The Secret Behind The Spectacular Victory Of Kalinga Lancers!

This year, Kalinga Lancers gifted its fans their maiden HIL title by defeating Western derby Dabang Mumbai 4-1 in a match which was replete with attacks and counter-attacks. By becoming ultimate champions of one of the most prestigious Hockey League in the world, Kalinga Lancers’ story so far has been simply miraculous.


Here’s  some key things that led the Lancers clinch the trophy in style!


1. Excellent Training

Proper guidance is very essential to build up a successful team and Kalinga Lancers was fortunate to be under the tutelage of Mark Hager besides A.B Subhaia and Dilip Tirkey. The trio did not just coach but helped the players develop their potential by analyzing their performances, instructing in relevant skills and providing timely encouragement.

2. Playing to the Strengths

Kalinga Lancers’ strength is considered to be their strong forward line-up as compared to their defence skills. Playing in the attacking style of hockey produced good result for the team as the unit was able to score a total of 42 goals during the entire season.

3. Smart Planning

Kalinga Lancers this season came in with a very well planned strategy! Apart from including key players from the previous winning team, they also brought in experienced and inform Netherlands Billy Bakker, Australian Tom Craig and local lad Neelam Sanjeep Xess by assessing the potential and the suitability of these players in the unit. In fact, this could be touted as one of key secrets of Kalinga Lancers success in the Hockey India League 2017!

4. A bright leading force

A leader should be able to become an example for its team, especially during its downside, and that is what exactly Captain Moritz Frueste did! The list of match-winning performances under his captaincy has grown continuously. His contributions of 12 goals throughout the tournament highlights the skipper’s dedication to this game.

5. Collective team spirit

Talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships” and this orange army proved this with their hard work and team spirit. Kalinga Lancers comprised of players from 6 different countries but despite having huge cultural and language differences, their true sportsman spirit was collectively portrayed on the field.

6. There’s struggle to reach to the top

Kalinga Lancers journey in 2017 was full of ups and downs. They started their campaign on a winning note by succeeding in the first two games but then faced two consecutive defeats. At that crucial time, the team made a determined come back and won two games. And eventually they won against the defending champions, Jaypee Punjab Warriors, in a do or die situation to secure a berth in the Semi –final followed by a spectacular show at the finals!