The Recent Dog Show Organised By Orissa Kennel Club Was A Grand Success!

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Dog shows have always been a great platform for dog lovers to show off their prized four-legged family members while also encouraging responsible pet ownership and generating awareness about different breeds of dogs. And, the capital has been playing host to these shows ever since the Orissa Kennel Club was established with an objective to further the interests of dogs, way back in 1982.


The Orissa Kennel Club (OKC), which is affiliated to the Kennel Club Of India, recently organised the 53rd and 54th All Breeds Championship Dog Show in the capital for three days which witnessed more than 250 dogs belonging to about 30 breeds participating in as many as five dog shows from all over India.

On the first day, the German Shepherd Dog Confederation – Kalinga Chapter held its second specialty show wherein the best German Shepherd dogs from all across India were judged by Herr Robert Lang, who represents Verein fur Deutsche Schaferhunde (SV), the parent body of the breed based in Germany.

All the participating dogs were judged on parameters including temperament, anatomical correctness and adherence to the ‘Breed Standard’ prescribed by the breed’s founding body. For this show, the dogs had arrived from as far as Ooty by road to participate.

The second day witnessed the Labrador Retriever Club – Kalinga Chapter’s second specialty show alongside the Obedience Dog show which were judged by specialists Chakkapan Chantrasamee from Thailand and CR Patnaik from Cuttack respectively. The grand finale saw several breeds being judged by Alex Zee from Hong Kong and Michael Camac from Australia.

As many as eight dogs from different breeds were declared as winners on the D-day. Talking to MCL, honorary secretary of Orissa Kennel Club Subrat Prusthy said, “The purpose of such dog shows is to help ensure that dogs are bred ethically and correctly by breeders who are passionate about their respective breeds. We want to promote responsible pet ownership. Besides organising different competitions, we try to educate pet owners about the diet of their pets, their training and exercises to be followed.”

Interestingly, this year, the club also had a photo booth in the show where people could pose and take clicks with or without their pets. The club also had funny and interesting message props to add to the fun and the participants were seen having a gala time.

Aditya Jena, who had come all the way from Rourkela with his pet told MCL, “I have been attending this show with my German Shepherd for the last four to five years. This is one of the best platforms to get information about dogs. And also I believe my pet loves to be a part of this show.”


The Orissa Kennel Club was formed in 1982 with a few dog lovers getting together. The Founder President was renowned naturalist and ornithologist Dr. U. N. Dev, while the Honorary Secretary was Dr. S.K. Ray, former Director of Veterinary of Animal Husbandry and Animal Welfare and one of the top canine practitioners in the country.

The club got registered with The Kennel Club of India in 1984. And, it was only in 1985 that the club organised its maiden Inaugural twin shows at Bhubaneswar. Besides the dog shows, the club has been organising many other activities including ‘Save our Dogs’ Ears’ campaign during Diwali, anti-rabies vaccination drive, ‘Canine Good Citizen’ programme, introducing the concept of making public spaces friendly towards dogs by participation in ‘Raahgiri’ street fest, encouraging professional dog training and handling as a vocation through the ‘Train the Trainers’ programme and orienting young veterinarians and students in the art and science of pure-bred dog breeding and rearing.

The club also organises a Junior Handling competition where children between 8 and 12 years are asked to show their dog handlings skills and the judge chooses the best three. OKC is also one of the rare clubs in India where there is an enclosed specific area for dog pooping , called the ‘Doggie Toilet’