Thursday, August 17, 2017

The 5 Most Illogical Myths About Smoking

The toxic effects of smoking have been known to one and all since time immemorial. Where on one hand regular smokers make excuses to prohibit themselves to quit smoking, passive smokers at the same time think hard on the logic behind such fancy words. Generally started with let’s give it a try, the smoking gets into their nerves. Not only does it become a part of the routine, smoking even acts as their favourite time killer.


Gracing the World No Tobacco Day, we bring you certain myths or sayings which we might have heard from our fellow Sutta lovers and whose logic we are still trying to decipher!


1. Early morning cigarette eases one’s bowel movement

Although it’s little hard to comprehend, but a cigarette may help in bowel movement of a smoker. But it is majorly due to psychogenic effect of smoking wherein body is accustomed to the habit of smoking while sitting over toilet. Body gets used to the factors and makes an internal biological rhythm with smoking …..and  thats a myth we create with our body.




2. ‘Zen’ way to become STRESS-FREE !

They say during a hard time, the chemical action which smoking does to one’s brain is terrific. Well, it’s not yet proved whether puffing up can ease any tensed mind or not, rather cigarettes only alter blood circulation causing a few mild jolts in the mind hence causing a moment of relief.



3. The ‘Chai-Sutta’ Chronicles

No one knows who on this earth has made chai-sutta a perfect combination. Infact we must presume that chai has suited well with salty, crunchy supplements. Again who knows, Chai-sutta might just be a way of jazzing up the entire smoking cause and effect!



4. For the stud in you

Often we might have witnessed, the brats & chicks mouth fagging on some of the most expensive cigarettes just to fit into the hep society. Although puffing cigarettes do look good, nevertheless their after effects can do much harm than ever fathomed!



5.Coffee and Cigarette: Late night partners

No matter how ostentatious it might sound, the late night cigarette with its coffee buddy can do serious harm. They both contain caffeine and nicotine respectively which are highly sticky addictive ingredients causing a lot of imbalance in the metabolism of the body.




Often it’s a herculean task to quit smoking instantly but maybe these pointers will make one realize that smoking is not gaudy as it seems to be. For the time being, do let us know any other commonly uttered #SuttaOneLiner that you might have come across!