Thursday, August 17, 2017

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan- Reality check of major Govt offices in Bhubaneswar


As per the recent rankings, Bhubaneswar stood 24 among 73 cities which were shortlisted in the Swachh Bharat Mission. While the capital city has all the potential to push up its rankings, there are certain loose ends which needs to be catered almost immediately. Grabbing the attention are certain major public offices which claims to keep the city clean, but have themselves been tripping over waste. The place where the city’s most clean decisions are undertaken surely needs some fresh make-over instantly.


We get you Bhubaneswar’s public offices that have recently seen an accumulation of a lot of junk!


1. The Secretariat: Garbage greets right at the entrance

Shouldering the responsibility to implement Swachh Bharat project in Bhubaneswar, this seat of the state administration has piles of garbage lying unattended at different places. One of the dirtiest corners was seen near the parking lot close to the rear entrance of the building. Dump the irony!

secretariat- bhubaneswar


2. Heads of the departments’ office: Their discarded waste is your way towards the offices

This nine storied building have much to store than just housing several important offices. Piles of construction material, irregular cleaning & waterlogging makes the situation worse. And the view of garbage near the building’s entrance is an eyesore for any visitor. Nothing but dirty!

Heads of the departments office - Bhubaneswar

3. Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation: While collecting the city’s filth, BMC seems to have forgotten to tidy its own premises

There is garbage littered both inside & outside of this civic body’s establishment. Even the huge waste bins placed in front part of the building are not maintained properly. Seems like BMC, that collects garbage from all over the city apparently has missed out on lifting waste materials from its home itself!

Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation

4. Bhubaneswar Development Authority: Cleanliness at BDA is not at all a priority

Mostly looking after land & construction related activities, BDA is supposed to keep the city clean. A heap of garbage can be spotted just outside its boundary wall. Practically, it has been converted into an unauthorised dumping site!

Bhubaneswar Development Authority

5. Office of the chief conservator of forest: Their office is naturally unclean

The office has truly turned a blind eye to cleanliness. Although the premises have a good number of trees, just outside the office one can see piles of debris dumped from a nearby construction site. Taking a step forward, their accumulation of filth has been blocking the path of the nearby pedestrians.

Office of the chief conservator of forest

6. Garbage mayhem in front of the Mayor’s residence

While BMC under Ananta Narayan Jena, the city’s first citizen, seeks to achieve the objectives of the Swachh Bharat Mission, Jena has overlooked to keep his own surroundings clean. One can see construction material lying right in front of his residence. Also ironically, to prohibit such dumping, the corporation is set to implement new construction waste management rules!

Mayor’s residence


Time to dump off the waste at hand!


Original Article Source: telegraphindia