Sunday, September 24, 2017

Some Common Misconceptions About Odisha Which You All Might Have Come Across At Least Once!

Odisha is strategically placed on India’s map and has somewhat contributed towards the country’s progressive mechanism as well. But you would not believe what people who don’t belong from here, presume about the overall identity of this state. Therefore, much recently we cracked certain assumptions & preconceived notions about Odisha that are worth knowing. Quite many of the following have been picked up from the site Quora itself, based on personal encounters. Take a look on these hilarious yet dumbfounding experiences!


1) That Odisha is actually not in Odisha!

While it’s true that outsiders find it difficult in locating Odisha, but the way this state is geographically identified will surely let the citizens ponder on its connection to the said location!

“Most people don’t know its geographical location. Some confuse it with Bihar, some with West Bengal; I was even asked once, “Is it near Rajasthan?” Gyaneswar Panigrahi


72) General gentry of the state is either tribal or simply poor

There’s more to Odisha than what meets the eye. With so much of talent around in every conventional & unconventional field, we are still noted as the ones who beg & perform on Jhingalala Hoo!
“The standard impression people have of Odisha is that it is a backward place, where Naxalites have a free run, populated by equally unprogressive & tribal population.” Anonymous



3) Neither are we educated, nor do we understand English!

If this is something people believe about the citizens of Odisha, then what will they assume when a person from this state actually starts speaking in French, Latin or even plain English with an American accent? They might surely get flabbergasted.
“I have met many people from other states who are flummoxed when they hear me speaking Hindi or English, mostly because hailing from Odisha, I am not supposed to speak either without a vernacular accent.” Bijaya Biswal


54) There’s nothing else to sightsee in Odisha except for the lush forests

Well, ask us and we can actually write a book on how beautifully varied Odisha is in terms of tourist spots. Although we agree that not much has been done for its proper promotion, but what others presume about our state is so not just limited to being green!

“I have tried to tell them about the places Odisha has. I once spoke to a friend about Daringbadi. To which he said that such a place cannot exist. People think there is nothing to see in Odisha except forests and poor people.” Satyabrata Dash


45) But we thought that the language of Odisha is Odissi!

Pity on those who notice it this way, because they are indeed missing out on knowing more about such an expressive dance form, in the name of Odissi!


“I have interacted with people who think Odissi is the official language of Odisha.” Barun Patra


36) Oh! Since when has the state’s name changed to Odisha?

It has always been Orissa, right? This is a recurring question for those who can at least locate Odisha. And for all others, they are least concerned why and when the state’s name got revised in the first place!


“The state was officially rechristened as ‘Odisha’ and the language was renamed as ‘Odia’ in 2011, but for the vast majority of Indians, the anglicized ‘Orissa’ and ‘Oriya’ still rule the roost.” Anurag Nandi


7) West Bengal & Odisha are linked as if they are comprised within each other

Now this sounds epic and surely some require a re-run of history classes. Because many of those who do not belong to either of the states still consider that the partition of Bengal version never really took place.


Staying in Odisha, for 3 years, whenever I met someone outside the state, the first thing people would ask, “Oh Odisha, it is Bengal right.” Yeah many have an impression that Odisha and Bengal are the same.” Anonymous



There may or may not be other pointers pertaining to the origin, culture, food habits of Odisha or even apprehensions about the state being a state itself. Do let us know if you have come across any similar or different illusion of Odisha. We would love to bust some more!