Friday, September 22, 2017

This ‘Phulawaala’ Can Deliver Flowers At Home Even For Your Morning Puja!

Online delivery of flowers may not be a new concept but a portal where you can order flowers not just for birthdays and anniversaries but also for your daily puja is something that surely catches attention.

Brainchild of Ashwini Biswal, a 30-year-old engineer turned entrepreneur,, which was launched in April, 2016, is trying to give a new dimension to the online flower business in the capital with its gamut of services. “My portal has different categories under which flowers can be ordered such as birthday flower, bratopanyan, car design, daily puja phula, marriage party, wedding invitation and so on. Flowers aren’t just meant for specific occasions. We need them on a daily basis for puja at home. However, not everyone has a flowering garden to meet this requirement. Thankfully, my portal has addressed this issue. We even provide extra roses on Thursdays for Sai Baba bhakts.”

Talking about the kind of flowers he deals with, Ashwini says, “There is a variety which is available – local flowers like hibiscus, jasmine, tabernaemontana (tagara phula), plumeria (champa ) and also flowers like tagetes (gendu), lillys and orchids which are bought in a bulk from Kolkata. The best part is that you can not only order flowers of your choice, you can also select your style of arrangement if you are ordering a bouqet.”

On the delivery process, he informs, “We generally deliver within 24 hours. However, if someone needs it for their daily puja in the morning, the flowers need to be ordered the day before. Generally, orders are accepted till 10 pm. As of now, we are using cash on delivery as the mode of payment and there are 80 delivery boys who have been engaged to provide the flowers on time.”


So, does he think this can be a profitable venture, we ask. “Flower business does not have a huge margin for profits and since this is the initial stage, I am not expecting much either. Besides, I am not even including any extra delivery cost. But I am happy that the response has been good so far with over 5500 customers in out kitty already. That apart, 15 flower vendors from the capital have already registered with us. So, I am expecting the business to pick up in a bigger way in the days to come.”


Talking about future plans, he informs, “As of now, the customers are only from Bhubaneswar but I have plans to expand it to other cities soon. I am lucky that I have the support of my parents and younger brother Amlan. Without their encouragement, I couldn’t have left my job and started this venture. But I am a satisfied man today. After all, by delivering flowers at people’s doorsteps, I am also spreading smiles.”