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Pastries, Cookies, Cakes and Bakery Items In Bhubaneswar: Where To Find The Best!

Every city has its own beloved bakery zones that turn out to be reliable places for the best of sugary and baked items. Lucky for us that Bhubaneswar has covered such savoury spots almost in each of its prime locality!


Read on since we have narrowed down some very good places for bakeries in the capital city, so that you can always get your sugar craving fixed:


1) Mamma Mia

This plush Italian and Mexican inspired cafe with an adjoining bakery section is undeniably one of the most primal draws to satiate a sweet craving. Their pastries collection include classics like Red velvet, Belgian chocolate, Pineapple and an array of others. Besides their freshly baked cookies being downright sinful, the brownies are worth a try as well. On regular days, if you’re looking for a premier bakery setting amidst an interesting set-up, then now you know where to halt!

Pic Courtesy: Mayfair Lagoon, Facebook page

Location: Mayfair Lagoon, Jaydev Vihar


2) Confetti

Dessert lovers will feel at home in this cozy space, for it stocks everything from cup-cakes, homemade chocolates and exotic chocolate pastries apart from the other dominant flavours. Despite the seating space being limited in the Confetti zone, there’s no way one can resist to visit here frequently or maybe just come to grab a takeaway of the amazing cakes they bake. In the end, do go for its Apple Pie that’s cheery enough to brighten any gray day of yours!

Pic Courtesy: Hotel New Marrion, Facebook page

Location: Hotel Marrion, Janpath


3) Brown N Cream

This humble old-school bakery with a new look serves items that have a perfect balance of sweet and savoury. The tart here is lovely as are the mousse and pastries. Expect the sweet delicacies to be a bit overpriced, but once you have them right there while enjoying a giggle with your favourite buddy, then nothing will come to your disappointment!

Location: Hotel Swosti, Master Canteen


4) Cookies Premium

You can find the outlets of Cookies and Cookies Premium in various locations of Bhubaneswar, but these two areas that we have mentioned here are definite bakery destinations. The fare is excellent and its sweet treats are legendary with a variety ranging from Choco mud pie to Mississippi Brownie and best birthday cakes. Finish with a Choco pyramid which is too good here!

Pic Courtesy: Cookies Premium, Facebook page

Location: Sahid Nagar | KIIT Square, Patia


5) Paris Bakery

Few years into its opening, and the store of Paris Bakery, or we must say its range of outlets have totally championed in serving pastries, cookies, doughnuts etc. that are simply delightful. Their assortment of sweet flavours with added specialties of various kinds of breads and muffins is much bigger than the usual cake shops of Bhubaneswar. Their simple and classy interiors are yet another charm which lets Paris Bakery be a craze among the residents and people from adjoining cities too!

Location: Patia | Jaydev Vihar | BJB Nagar | Kharabela Nagar | Sahid Nagar


6) The Cake Room

Well, the name speaks it all! This decent and charming patisserie serves eye-catching sweet treats, with cakes like Caramel, Tiramisu, Indian Fruits, Cheese cakes and a lot others besides its variant of handcrafted chocolates, all for affordable prices. Although there’s no place to sit and relish the delicacies, but they do have a live studio for their cakes with an exhibit of freshly prepared pastries and even a prompt home delivery service. Don’t miss out on its Choco Well, which is an absolute delight!

Pic Courtesy: The Cake Room, Facebook page

Location:  IRC Village, Near Tree House Play School, Ekamra Marg, Nayapalli


7) The British Bakery

If you get a craving for a thing that’s sweet, then make sure to stop into any of the five branches of The British Bakery. Known best for their scrumptious chocolate brownies, you can also go for its range of pastries which assures the most flavourful bite each time you have it. Three of its outlets have proper seating space while two others are regular takeaway counters. May we also suggest their Pineapple cake which is worth a try as well!

Pic Courtesy: The British Bakery, Facebook page

Locations: Janpath | Kalinga Stadium | Master Canteen (Seating available) Cuttack Road | Infocity (Takeaway outlets)



8) Le Paradis Cafe

When you are craving fresh Oats and Multi-grain bread or some fine cookies to eat alongside your favourite beverage, then this is the place to be. But there are more sweet and savoury items to select from, like the Choco lava pastries and delicious birthday cakes. The size of this cafe and bakery zone is decent enough and accommodates a live bakery in its premises. Macaroons in every color imaginable are also available for a quick evening indulgence!


Location:  Sahid Nagar, Near BMC Bhawani Mall


Do apprise us if you have any suggestions of bakery outlets which you feel should be a part of this list, or feedback on those that already are. We want to get you covered on all the sweetness that you desire for!


Feature Image Courtesy: Cookies Premium, Facebook page