Sunday, September 24, 2017

Paris Bakery: 1000 Days Of Spreading Sweetness!

As Odisha’s favourite bakery outlet, ‘Paris Bakery’, successfully completed 1000 days of its journey on February 9th, the brand launched two new line of products – the ‘Venicia’ gelato and cookies for the calorie conscious customers.


The brand introduced the two products as a part of its efforts to promote health along with great taste. Its ‘Venicia’ gelato range of the authentic traditional Italian version of the common ice cream will be served in some interesting flavours of cotton candy, choco praline and salty caramel alongside the other standard flavours. This is good for those customers who want to indulge in a cold creamy dessert without worrying about calories as the fat content of the gelatos is less than 3 percent. Similarly, its ‘Health Matters’ range of cookies too are made purely of wheat and are cholesterol free, making it a good choice for people opting for low calorie snacking.


With 25 stores in different cities of Odisha including the 14 stores in Bhubaneswar, the brand is planning to spread its reach to foodies in other cities across India. Thus, speaking on this occasion, founder of Paris Bakery, Jaynarayan Pujapanda said, “We are happy to have successfully completed 1000 days across the main cities of the state and are now going to expand our stores to other cities of western Odisha. We are also planning to open another factory at Sambalpur soon. That apart, we also have plans to open around 12-15 stores at Kolkata in the current financial year. Later, in the second phase, we will be focusing on expanding to cities like Chhattisgarh, Raipur, Vizag and other cities.”


Not just the new products, Paris Bakery group also announced its latest initiatives in the field of social work with an organisation, ‘Sahaya’. Again, Pujapanda adds, “Apart from trying to expand its bakery outlets and products, the Paris Bakery Foundation has decided to work for the society. We are going to form an organisation named ‘Sahaya’ that would work for the education of under privileged girls.


Besides it, Paris Bakery will also step into the hospitality training sector by providing a course to train students in hospitality sector as well as generate employment for them.”