Sunday, September 24, 2017

Our Favorite Ollywood On Screen Couples Of All Time!

Love and romance have always been the central theme in most films, be it Hollywood, Bollywood or our very own Ollywood. Needless to mention, romantic films also tend to influence the audience. And, if the lead actors in the film share a crackling chemistry and weave magic on screen, the impact doubles up.


On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, we share a list of the most famous on screen couples of Ollywood who have influenced many through their romanticism and commitment.


Uttam Mohanty and Aparajita Mohanty

With much in common, be it for their cinema love or the counter love showered by audiences, this pair has carved a niche in both reel and real life romance. From a bubbly couple in Chaka Bhaunri to the role of experienced parents in Jashoda, they have done it all. And now, their legacy is being carried forward by Babushan, their super talented son.

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Prashanta Nanda and Mahasweta

This rustic couple brought countryside love into limelight through their resplendent acting. A much loved and sought after couple of yester years, their love story in Sesha Sravana etched beautiful memories in the heart of the audience. Swapna Sagar also perfectly showcased their sizzling chemistry. Even when Nanda was into direction, many of his films had Mahasweta as the lead actress.

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Bijay Mohanty and Tandra Ray

Such was the reception of their lovely camaraderie by the audience that they ended up marrying in reality. The versatile actor has about 200 films to his credit and though Ray has been his on screen heroine in only a few of them, their chemistry was magical. They were particularly praised as a hit pair in Ray’s debut movie Chillika Teeray and Maanika.


Siddhant Mohapatra and Rachana Banarjee

This couple was a cult during the mid-era of Ollywood. Siddhant, the most dashing hero along with his beautiful lady actor reigned over the Odia film industry by giving back to back hits, much to the happiness of movie lovers. They gripped the viewers totally in famous flicks like Kandhei Akhire Luha, Paradesi babu, Suhaga Sindura among other super hits. Although the two got divorced in 2004 and Rachana left Ollywood after that, news is rife that they may come together in a film very soon.

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Anubhav Mohanty and Barsha Priyadarshini

Hitched for life, this is the most sought after couple in Ollywood, and they have left no stone unturned to allure viewers into their web of enticing acting skills, catchy story line, peppy song renditions and much more. Honed over years through movies like Suna chadhei mo rupa chadhei to Balunga Toka and Gapa hele b sata, they have garnered a loyal fan base!

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Sabyasachi Mishra and Archita Sahoo

From villages of Odisha to Dubai, this couple has many drooling under their attractive appeal. Their scorching magnetism and grooving dance steps never fail to woo people. Shot at exquisite locations, their movies are lifting up the expectations of people to look forward to good cinema. Some of their remarkable contributions which have been highly appreciated are, Pilata Bigidi Gala, Smile Please, Mu eka tumara and Bye Bye Dubai.

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Babushan and Jhilik

Stardom kissed the forehead of Babushan ever since he ventured into Ollywood and when he pairs up with the Bengali beauty, Jhilik, their films have run to packed houses. Together they sizzled in hit movies including Super Michhua, Akhire Akhire and Lekhu Lekhu Lekhi Deli.

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Amlaan Das and Riya Dey

Son of Mihir Das, Amlaan is one the versatile actors in Ollywood and is slowly following his father’s footsteps for inching his way towards super-stardom. . Moreover when he pairs up with the bubbly actress Riya, they take the Ollywood industry by a storm. Breezy performances and the innocence showed by these actors churn out a successful blockbuster. Their notable movies include, Tu Mo Deha Ra Chhai, Golapi Golapi and Pagala Karichu Tu.

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Do comment if any of your favorite pair is missing from this list!