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Odia Teenager Is All Set To Debut In Bollywood

For 13-year-old Lohitakshaya Pattnaik, age is no yardstick to measure achievements. He has made a mark in both Odia & Hindi tele-serials besides appearing in Odia films, a bunch of ads and the acclaimed video ‘Sab Rab De Bande,’ by India’s first transgender band, is now all set to debut in the upcoming Raees Production film ‘Bache Kache Sache’ to be released by the end of May.


After making a special appearance in the Hindi movie ‘Take It Easy,’ Lohitakshya shared with MCL, his excitement & future plans alongwith the journey of this prestigious project.



Having your hands full at the age of 13 & a Bollywood film to your credit, tell us how did this all begin?

I had started playing the tabla when I was barely two-year-old. I was passionate about it and also made it to the Limca Book of Records with my tabla performance. However, from there, it took me some time to make it to Ollywood with my first film as a child artist in “Dream Girl,” directed by Ashok Pati. Subsequently, I got the opportunity to act in movies like Prem Rogi, Deewana, Mu Kana Ete Kharap, Thookul, Chota Don, Idiot, Loafer as well as serials like Abhujha-E-Mana.





Gradually, I started getting offers from the Hindi television industry and worked in shows such as Raavi, Shapath, Crime Patrol, CID, Aahat, Beintihan and a few more. Then Bollywood came calling giving me an opportunity to be a guest artist in the film, ‘Take It Easy’ and now I am all set to make a debut in “Bache Kache Sache.”


What drew you to the world of entertainment from such a tender age?

It was when I received my first award as the Best ETV Child Artist in 2010 for my debut film “Dream Girl”, I felt I was made to make it big in the entertainment industry.



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Has your acting career ever affected your childhood or your studies? How do you manage when your schedule gets hectic?

Well, my childhood has been quite normal as anyone of my age. My parents and family are very rooted and treat me like a normal child and not a celebrity. That helps in keeping a check over things and my studies too are not affected. Since I always wanted to become a paedriatic neurosurgeon, my parents have particularly asked me to pay attention to studies and not acting alone.


So there must be plenty of offers now?

No. Not as many as of yet. It’s tough out here in Bollywood and one has to battle it out with rigorous auditions.  I am in the process of giving auditions for various production houses and still awaiting more prospects.


What kind of films are you looking forward to do?

Right now, I can say, I am mostly looking forward to do films based upon stories that depict children of my age.



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You did TV soaps and ad films for a while, how different is it from working on TV than in films?

Yes, I have acted in films, serials and ad films too but I haven’t felt much of a difference in the amount of hard work and sincerity one has to put in.


Not many make it as big at this age. How do you take the success and awards?

I have received quite a few awards including the Tarang TV Award Best Odia Child Artist 2013, Best ETV Odia Child Artist 2010 and also Chalchitra Jagat Award, Banichitra Award, Silver Screen, Chalachitra Jagat, Odisha Film Fare 2013 in the same category. But every time I receive an award, I remind myself that none of it would be possible without the blessings of God and my parents who have unconditionally supported me in my journey so far.


What are your future aspirations?

Now that I plan to make a career in the film industry, my foremost aspiration will be to establish myself as a versatile actor.


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Which actor are you looking forward to sharing screen space with?

I have a dream of working with Amitabh Bacchan and Shah Rukh Khan in Bollywood and Robert Downey Junior in Hollywood as my co actors. As far as actresses are concerned, I want to share screen space with Aishwarya and Kareena.


Tell us a little about your character in your upcoming film ‘Bache Kache Sache’.

I am playing the role of the lead’s best friend in the movie.


Would you say that your journey as a star has begun?

There is still time for that. I believe I will become a star only when I receive an award as the Best Hero in Bollywood at the IFFA!



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Wishing this stupendous kid a very goodluck for his excellent future!

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