Friday, September 22, 2017

‘No-Shave’, men’s new grooming mantra!

Gone are those days when a clean shaven chocolate look was the ‘in’ thing for men! Today, rugged is the word and growing a beard therefore has become a fad, irrespective of age group. Bhubaneswar too is flaunting the beard trend in a big way these days. The young men in particular are keen to get that perfect masculine look for which they are more than willing to invest money and time in salons.


Talking to MCL, Dr. Manaswini Nanda, Manager and Medical Counsellor, Radiance Clinic says, “Sporting a beard has come into the fashion scene a year or two back. The pressure to look good and smart is on the rise these days and so growing a moustache or a beard is considered trendy. Youngsters love to ape the actors.


It’s not just about growing beard, it’s also about styling them. Front office manager, Minakshi of Indulge Salon tells us, “Many men come up to the salon and ask us to get their beard in shape. The stylists at first see the shape of the face of the person and then they style the beard accordingly. The stylists advise them how to maintain it as well. In some cases, they also bring a photocopy of the picture of the beard they want to sport and tell us to trim their beard as per the picture. But, they do not understand that a beard only looks good as per the shape of the face.




She further adds, “There are many customers who come up to us for laser therapies and hair transplants out of which 95% are men. Men are also interested in keeping a full grown beard and a shapely moustache. To keep it in a better shape, they come for various treatments as well. Laser treatments are carried out to ensure a proper growth of beard. The age bracket of our customers mostly ranges between 25 and 40 years.”



Manager of Naturals Salon, Cuttack Road says, “In our salon, we shape the beard as per the demands and we also get them lining like some want a cut here or there, so we do that too! We charge Rs. 150 plus taxes for that. We also offer services like clean shaving and premium shaving. In the clean shaving, we trim the beards and also the moustache. And in the premium shaving facility, we first cleanse the face, give them a trim and massage the face with cream. Although flaunting a beard is more popular these days.”



25-year-old Harsh Mohanty is confident about not shaving off his beard any time in the near future. “I have been growing my beard for a few months now and I am so glad that the growth is pretty good now. I trim it every week. I have got myself a full beard trimming kit. After getting a lot of compliments for my beard, I have decided I am not going to change my look, at least for some time now.”



Looking at the growing fascination for beard, the market too is flooded with a variety of options for men to indulge in. Phillip’s has a range of trimmers for men. They also have face stylers and multi-grooming kits. The basic trimmer comes at a price of Rs. 1,090. There is also a new range of trimmer called as pro skin trimmer which costs Rs. 995.



If you love your beard way too much and want to keep it in a healthy state, you can get the entire range of beard grooming kit from Ustraa. The Ustraa range of grooming kit has mooch and beard oil and beard wash to nourish and keep your beard squeaky clean and it will cost you Rs. 400. There is also mooch wax which is available at Rs.399 and beard softener which will condition the beard and keep it soft and manageable. It comes at a price of Rs. 450. There’s also a kit for the beard lovers in woody and classic flavours. The woody flavour will cost you Rs. 850 whereas the classic one will cost you Rs. 750.


FT Image Courtesy: daily-news