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Meet The Rourkela Born Biswapati Sarkar, who wrote Permanent roommates and various other hit series of TVF!

It’s hard to imagine the world of Internet without webisode and YouTube series, perhaps the two things which engage us most today. With novel shows and series appearing online almost every day, it is Indian YouTube Channel named The Viral Fever (TVF) for which we all are crazy about. More particularly, Biswapati Sarkar, the Rourkela born comedy writer, actor and creative director at TVF is one of the core members in the TVF campus, and we must say that his contributions have been creatively outstanding so far!


Biswapati (akka Bisso) emerged to popularity by poking fun at senior TV Journalist, Arnab Goswami, which immediately made Sarkar a YouTube sensation. Donning many hats, he is also noted for writing two of India’s most popular web series: Pitchers and Permanent Roommates. Let’s get to know this Odisha born talent who is too good with his style of comic writing besides his exceptional acting!


Early Times

Sarkar’s early days of growing up in Rourkela was mostly spent in being involved with reading books and watching movies. But his cinematic interest was piqued with the advent of cable and foreign TV channels in 1990s during which Biswapati got aware of English films. In an interview, he even recounted that watching movies including Jurassic Park and Hindi dubbed version of Titanic, initially enticed him to the world of entertainment and media!

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IIT Days

On completing his schooling from DPS Rourkela, Sarkar got into IIT-Kharagpur primarily due to his mother who slogged and made sure that he follows his uncle’s footsteps. Little did anybody know that eventually Biswapati’s passion would generate a pay-check rather than his elite engineering degree! His college days passed by being locked in a room and getting amazed watching British comedy shows of Rowan Atkinson or British Python’s humour and movies, to name a few!

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The call of passion

Not everything was left to Sarkar’s amazement, but he did realise soon enough that his engineering degree will not let him shape a career. So, the moment he received a pre-placement offer from TVF, which was founded by his college senior named Arunabh Kumar, Biswapati knew where he would be going next. But the real battle was to convince his mother about his unconventional decision of being an engineer to writing comedy!


Chai Sutta chronicles

When Sarkar became a part of TVF, the channel was in its very nascent stage. So much so, that including Biswapati, they hardly had few members in their team. It was then that India got plugged in with satirical sketches and comic writings, most of which were popular pieces by Biswapati himself. As claimed, Sarkar made his debut both in writing and acting for TVF with the renowned Chai Sutta Chronicles (2013-2015) which garnered immense public appreciation!


The Bollywood song making

Moving on, Sarkar had a role in TVF’s The Making Of A Bollywood Song, for which he wrote the script as well as enacted the parody version of music composer Pritam. Much interestingly, it was from here that the idea of Arnub began to shape up, since Sarkar used to mimic Arnab Goswami in between the takes of this series apart from imitating in his spare time!


Anrub with a ‘U’

One role which made Sarkar almost like an overnight celebrity was him portraying the character of Arnab Goswami. Yet Sarkar was never meant to play Arnub or be the host of TVF’s comedy series titled, Barely Speaking With Arnub. He only stepped in the show after the original actor backed out in the last moment, and rest we all know is how Sarkar totally owned the show. He also claimed that he never needed initial prep up for this act and out of all the guests Biswapati had during this series, Shah Rukh Khan was his utmost favourite!


When ‘Pitchers’ played well

Post his spectacular acting and emulation, Biswapati went on to continue in what he has always been best at. Back in 2015, when TVF Pitchers got written by Biswapati, none of us knew that this series will put such an immaculate spotlight on the Indian start-up scene and amaze us with its witty script. Though the show managed to connect with most of us, we can never much thank Sarkar for his Tu Beer Hai line that will forever be used as punch-line in pubs or just anywhere else!


Nothing like Permanent Roommates

Biswapati again had a breakthrough in all the episodes of Permanent Roommates, when his writing prowess was once more reflected in an amazing manner. The series which was all about a realistic take on contemporary relationships was enough to make us feel everything from euphoria to despair.  All praises for the TVF team and mostly Biswapati whose script, dialogues and writings amused and touched us at the same time!


Besides all of this, Sarkar has even worked for shows like TVF Qtiyapa and others too. There’s no doubt that in all these years Biswapati has grown a better version of himself, only to inspire youngsters of Odisha and the country to follow their hearts and go on where it leads!


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