Thursday, August 17, 2017

International Museum Day: Odisha State Museum exhibits rich cultural heritage!

International Museum Day is a perfect way of celebrating the richness of museums all over. Adhering to the International council of Museum’s (ICOM’s) initiative, Bhubaneswar based Odisha State Museum has embraced this day incredibly. While displaying the historical artifact is something they have been doing since 1957, today with certain notable inaugurations, the museum will definitely become a rare to-go place for every folk & traveller.



The unique exhibits at Odisha State Museum are a class apart. Housing varied specimens of sculptures, terracotta, murals, copper plates, fine arts & other timeless antiquities, this museum is a repository of artistic expression from times bygone!

State museum-Bhubaneswar


Although they have different segments of galleries like that of Anthropology, Numismatics, their Archaeological gallery stands out in a splendid way.  Hugely manifesting King Ashoka’s era, this gallery even has hints of Buddhism, Jainism, Vaishnavism sects.



Also they have a section where the remarkable flora & fauna of India are exhibited.  The Odisha State Museum will entice you with its interesting collection of birds, extinct elephants having tusks, dolphin’s skeleton and much more.



Keeping up with this year’s International Museum Day’s theme of “Museum & Cultural Landscapes,” Odisha State Museum organized an art camp on Terracotta , renovated the galleries of Archaeology & Natural History. That apart, an exhibition on six primitive tribal groups of Odisha was conducted.



Bringing alive what we have been reading in our history books has been beautifully preserved by the Odisha State Museum. While they have left no stones unturned to grace this particular occasion, we hope that the more of you visit the museum with each passing day!