Sunday, September 24, 2017

inDNA Life Sciences Private Limited Has Been Proud To Serve The People Of Odisha!

Today DNA based diagnostics has become very important for making important clinical Decisions in Cancer, Fertility Clinics, Pediatric New Born Screening Thalassemia, and Sickle cell anemia which is highly prevalent in eastern Part of India particularly in the state of Odisha.


inDNA Life Sciences Private Limited is India’s first DNA based Clinic and an indigenously developed molecular platform, innovated to offer customized solutions for identification of DNA based changes and its impact on the health and disease outcome. In the last three decades, there has been a transition from Blood/Serum/Sputum/Tissue, Protein based diagnostics to Nucleic Acid (DNA/RNA) based Diagnostics. The company has been founded to understand the changes in DNA and correlate with the clinical outcomes, so that the doctors are equipped with accurate knowledge of diseases at the molecular level.

inDNA has taken the first step towards personalizing the medical practice, and soon precision medicine will be a reality. The company has successfully installed a one of its kind Next generation DNA sequencing platform which is a first among such Installation in Eastern India. The laboratory is now an NABL accredited laboratory in compliance to ISO 15189:2012 (Cert. No.: M-0971) as per the recommended scope of services, becoming the first and the only accredited molecular genetic laboratory operating in Odisha and Eastern Region.


inDNA Life Sciences is in the forefront of all the state-of-the-art technologies and has various international collaborations, and a registered office in London, UK. It is the only DNA based Diagnostics company which has been founded to develop indigenous DNA based platforms in India, and for the population of Indian origin.

Now inDNA is gearing up to serve the Indian diaspora living in other countries as they share our population genomics and, therefore, their diagnostics need to be tailored to suit our population dynamics. inDNA has been proud to serve the people of Odisha and Eastern India and has so far serviced thousands of patients and supported their high-end diagnostics need locally in Bhubaneswar without sending the samples to far off cities like Delhi and Mumbai.


Although the Company was formally founded and legalized in the month of May 2012, but a lot of research and validation has gone in since last decade by the founder and Managing Director, Dr. Birendranath Banerjee, and his team. Today the DNA technology is very handy to predict diseases and occurrences from Womb to Tomb, from prenatal Diagnosis to Neurodegenerative disease and dementia. The entire team of inDNA Life Sciences at Bhubaneswar is happy to celebrate the 14th World DNA Day this year.

Celebrating DNA Day in India is like celebrating the achievements of Prof. (Dr.) Lalji Singh. Prof. Singh, who is popularly known as the Father of DNA fingerprinting in India, is an eminent scientist from the country who was awarded the Padma Shri in 2004 in recognition of his contribution to Indian science and technology. Addressing the gathering on the occasion of the World DNA Day 2017 organized by inDNA Life Sciences Private Limited, Bhubaneswar, Prof. Singh said that finding the genes linked to any disease enables on to predict the same before patients, who are at risk, develop it, or those whose children are at risk even before conception.


Giving his address on the same occasion, Commissioner-cum-Secretary of Health and Family Welfare Department, Dr. Pramod Kumar Meherda emphasized on the formulation of a policy to go deep into the genetic analysis of people suffering from chronic disorders and find out long term solutions to a number of diseases which have been a cause of concern.