Friday, September 22, 2017

“I Want To Be An Actor-Cum-Choreographer,” Says Krump Queen Alisha Behura!

Having won the dance reality show, ‘So you think you can dance, Ab India ki baari’, Odia girl Alisha Behura has become a household name today. Popularly known as the Krump Queen, Alisha, currently based in Bhilai, was a favourite among audience and judges alike. When My City Links caught up with this 17-year old dancing sensation to talk about the show and her victory, the passion in her eyes said it all.


Excerpts from an interview:


The journey must have been a memorable one. Tell us a bit about it.

The journey has been really memorable and special. I had given my auditions in Kolkata and then when I got selected there, I went to Mumbai. There were various rounds that I had to go through in Mumbai – two solo rounds, two choreography rounds and a group choreography round – after which I managed entry into the top 20. After that, there was a gala round where we had to showcase different styles and we were also allotted a partner with whom we had to perform. From there on, it was top 10, a few duet performances, some more theme-based rounds before I was finally crowned the winner.


Do you have stage fright?

I do not really have stage fright but initially I dreaded the camera. I became very conscious when the camera was rolling. On top of that, the most challenging bit was the time limit in which we had to prepare. We had only three days time to get ourselves ready with our dance.

Alisha Behura


Since three days is a really short time span, how was your routine like every day?

I was practicing and learning almost the entire day. We used to choose our songs quickly and start learning. In our show thankfully, the judges were really helpful and cooperative. All the three judges, Madhuri Dixit Nene, Terence Lewis and Bosco Martis used to visit us in our rehearsal rooms to enquire about our performances. They used to guide us with the dance steps and motivate us to do better.


What is your forte?

Although my forte is hip hop and krump, the judges complimented me by saying they are yet to figure out my forte because they believe I am perfect in every dance form and this statement coming from the judges was a huge honour for me.


Where have you learnt dancing from?

I have learnt dancing in various places. In Odisha, I have learnt classical from Amit Nayak and Subrat  Biswal but in Bhilai, I have learnt it from Ankit Jain.


At your age, education is most important. So, how do you plan to juggle studies and dance, now that you are also in the limelight?

I have a lot of difficulties balancing and managing time for my studies and dance. So, I make sure I have a routine fixed for myself where if I am allotting the entire day to dance and I study at night.


How supportive are your parents and your school?

I am really thankful to my school, Senior Secondary School, Bhilai for the support they have extended to me. Although it’s been four months I have been away from school for the show, they have assured me to help me prepare my lessons by arranging extra classes for me. And, my parents are a blessing to me because they have always encouraged me to continue with my dance even though they are well aware that this is a crucial period for my education and career.

So you think you can dance winner-Alisha Behura


What do you aim to become in life?

I want to be a successful actor cum choreographer because right now in the industry, I don’t see such a profile. So, I want to excel in both the professions and be successful.