“I Plan To Become The Best Actor In Negative Role In Ollywood,” Says Soumya Ranjan Das!

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Soumya Ranjan Das has got a look which suits up more for a villain or at least this is what people around him say. Besides donning a couple of roles as an angry persona, he has even got a sheer penchant for dancing. Hailing from a small town of Belaguntha in Odisha and by winning the state’s best actor award for his maiden venture, Soumya has made clear that he has many more miles to go.

We got into a small yet interesting chat session with this budding actor and here are the excerpts:

Tell us a short story about yourself?

Since my childhood, I have always had a soft corner for acting. I have watched actors like Mihir Das Bijay Mohanty, Uttam Mohanty, Siddhant and learnt to dance and act. That apart, I have no formal training in this art. After my higher secondary studies, I went into the National Defence Academy but unfortunately due to an accident, I had to leave the journey there. Thereafter, I completed my BCA and later pursued a course in Multimedia art. I also opened up a dance school in 2004 by the name of Monster Dance Academy which is open to everybody above the age of three. Besides, I even participated in the reality dance show, 1 2 Cha Cha Cha.

Something about your complete story of Mumbai diaries in short.

I struggled for about six months in Mumbai before finally being advised by a friend to consult Mantu da from Odisha who was known to help people. I was appreciated for my work but then I worked as an assistant camera person for some movies. I also worked with Mani Ratnam sir. Thereafter, I performed in theatricals too after which I returned to Odisha.

What moulded your mind to act in an art film for your maiden venture?

I have already played roles of Rishi Kashyap and Rishi Shukracharya in two mythical serials named Jai Maa Lakshmi and Jai Maa Santoshi. I also played alongside Sritam Bhai in a negative role for the movie One Way Traffic. Along with my friends, I had enacted in a short five minute film by the name Joker which was screened in the Aaina Film Festival and things finally led to the lucky project – Antarleena directed by Manas Sahoo. It was a story where the protagonist, Chintan Das is an autism patient and eventually turns into an amazing writer.

Are you happy with the recognition received or do you think commercial cinema would have worked differently?

Yes, I am immensely happy. I had no idea that the movie was nominated for the state awards and when I received the call from Odisha Television; my first thought was that it was a joke. The feeling of receiving this award was huge and it felt great. Although it is true that commercial cinema would have projected more popularly for me, but as an artist I believe talent is important. If you are a true artist, then you can act and do justice to a good script, be it art cinema or commercial movie. 

What does the artist Soumya do apart from acting?

I love dancing. I also have a dance school, where I teach about 30 kids. In my free time, I like watching movies from an analytical view and try out small stunts. I also paint besides making sculptures from mud and thermocol.

Whom do you draw your inspiration from?

Apart from the actors of Ollywood fraternity that I mentioned, I am hugely inspired by Rahul Dev. Starting from his appearance, physique to his acting and dialogue delivery, I am thoroughly influenced.

What are your future plans?

I plan to become the best actor in negative role in Ollywood. Whatever I do is and will be for Odisha. I don’t have any wish to venture out at this point of time because I sincerely want to do something for this state.

What do you think is missing in Odia cinema in today’s date?

Sometimes it is the budget which plays a vital role in helping a movie materialise. At other times it is the interest level and dedication of the people involved in the movie. Sometimes the idea also falls short of striking the right chord. Sometimes it is the motivation given to actors to move forward.

One memorable and one agonizing experience of your life.

There have been lot of good moments but the moment when I received the Best actor award was the best I could have ever expected. Apart from that I really like acting in the annual Dhanda Jatra in Ganjam in the month of April. It goes on for 15 days and I really enjoy those times.

The incident where I tore a ligament in my leg during the shoot for an action sequence was a harrowing experience for me.

Any project that your fans and Odiyas could look upto?

As of now there are no such projects, but I have ideas in my mind which I am slowly working towards to. Apart from that, I am also planning to portray my story in the form of a film.

Wishing this upcoming star a bright future ahead