Sunday, September 24, 2017

Here’s Some Clever Tips For A Beautiful Garden In Your Apartment!

With apartments mushrooming all around Bhubaneswar & Cuttack, it has become difficult for people to even imagine having a beautiful garden with flowers, fruits & veggies in plenty. Space constraint often takes a toll on apartment dwellers, preventing them from trying out their green thumb. However, it’s not impossible to maintain that green space in your apartment & nurture your love for gardens.


My City Links brings you tips from experts to help you with indoor gardening and be innovative with your choices for your balcony, to provide you that much-needed breather from the concreteness of the surroundings.

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Landscape designer from Bhubaneswar Smriti Mohanty recommends “Money plants have bigger leaves so I would suggest something like quisqualis indica which is a very pretty plant and if you just put it inside a pot, it will cover your railings in no time. And it also comes with flowers, so it looks beautiful.”

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While Monica Dash, Cuttack based architect suggests, “Transparent glass bottles are the perfect option to grow your plants because visibility of the plants is very essential so that you can keep a track if there is any fungus inside the bottle and whether it needs exchanging.”


Also one can opt for vertical farming which is a component of urban agriculture. It is the practice of cultivating plant life within a skyscraper greenhouse or on vertically inclined surfaces. There is even a new alternative for gardeners who don’t have a lot of horizontal space. One can grow creepers there.


That gardeners love experimenting is something 26-year-old Aditi Panda vouches for. “Growing plants has always been a hobby for me and recently, I shifted to a new apartment where there was a space constraint. So, I placed a hook on the wall and hung my tiny earthen pots in a bunch on one end and on the other end a bunch of flower baskets. Looks very colorful,” she says.

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A clever trick or two, if incorporated can, in fact, give even big gardens a run for money. Like, Monika says, “The sponges that are used in bouquets can be used to grow plants. The plants cover the sponges as they grow. Moreover, if sponges are used, your plants will not dry up very easily because they have the ability to hold water for long.”


Another trend in indoor gardening is that of window boxes. These boxes are a really easy way to grow more than one herb as you can plant two or three of them in a single box to save up space. They also look beautiful when done neatly.

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Elaborating about it, Sarita Pattnaik, a 45-year old housewife from Bhubaneswar says, “I have very little space in my balcony but since I have a penchant for gardening, I have grown edible plants like spinach and lettuce in a box. Now, whenever I want to have salads, I pluck them from my garden and eat!”


Nurturing gardens in apartments is always fun and with the tips of these experts, you can elevate the feel even more perfectly! 


By Rohita Dutta volume 3 issue 11