Thursday, August 24, 2017

Get Over Dahibara Aloodum, These Are The Trending Street Foods Of Bhubaneswar!

Bhubaneswar may be home to the classic Dahibara Aloodum and Paani-puris, yet the city is now inclined on pampering its residents with varied street food options. Such has been the scenario these days that you can never go hungry on the streets of this capital city. There is everything for everyone with the lip-smacking eatables being light on the pocket too!


If you like exploring new dishes, then you MUST TRY these trending street foods! 


Enchiladas | Tortillas | Burrito

These Mexican specialties are available at pocket-friendly prices in certain food trucks of the city. Accompanied with white sauce and tangy red chutney, these street food beauties will never fail to impress you. The chicken version of the three dishes is worth trying as well!

Location: Qdoba, Ram Mandir Khau Galli

Macroni | Pasta

Served absolutely hot on sizzlers with yummy cheese toppings and plenty of white sauce, this is indeed a great treat for pasta lovers!

Locations: Qdoba, Ram Mandir Khau Galli and Shahid Nagar, In front of RD College

Vada Pav

None can resist the spicy and yummy taste of Vada Pav! In fact this Maharashtrian delight has since many months become one of the favorite snacks for the residents in Bhubaneswar as well!

Location: Shahid Nagar, In front of RD College


The newest addition to the list of delectable street side eatables is the savory Shawarma. Thin roti wrapped and rolled with yummy stuffing tastes insanely delicious!

Location: Bapuji Nagar Chowk, Khau Galli, KIIT


Creating a niche for itself in the list of tasty and wholesome food items, Momos can be relished at all times. And much to the likeness of denizens, various stalls have been serving different versions of it. Ranging from paneer, chicken, mushroom and others, these places mentioned below are a sure visit if you love Momos!


Locations: Nima Tasty, Near Pal Heights, Momo Bites, Opposite RD College, Smack Momos, KIIT College Road


The tangy Tikka has long been everyone’s favourite dish which is now even spicing up the streets of Bhubaneswar. Be it chicken or just the basic ones with potato, the classic Tikka will never leave you disappointed!

Locations: Khau Galli, KIIT, Master Canteen, Opposite Lalchand Showroom.


Burger | Sandwiches

Although sandwiches are prepared by people at their homes almost all the time, relishing it on a street side outlet will surely make the deal more flavorful. That apart, burgers are also well enjoyed and are often grabbed when there is a craving to gorge on something healthy yet delectable!

Location: The Flavours, near OUAT College, KIIT College Road.

Chicken Salad

Salad made exciting with chicken is what you should have when you feel like consuming something unique and nourishing. In this, a fine combination of chicken shreds is added to colourful vegetables along with a dash of mayonnaise that will leave you wanting for more!

Location: KIIT College Road

Fried Baby Corn

Baby Corn is pretty much appreciated in many meals as an accompanying ingredient or sometimes as a dish to have as starters. But even eating this fried delicacy on a street side store with your dear ones taste no less than heavenly!

Location: In front of RD College