Sunday, September 24, 2017

Forget The War, Enjoy Odisha’s ‘Rasagolla’ With Just A Click Now!

Ask Odias living outside the state, what they miss most about Odisha and they would take no time to reply – ‘Chhenapoda’ and ‘rasagolla’! Odia sweets have a charm (and demand) of their own and that’s the reason every time someone from Odisha visits a relative living outside the state, a packet of sweets surely goes with the hand baggage. However, one can now relish Odia delicacies with just a click, irrespective of whichever part of the country one is residing in thanks to, a one stop online solution to book your favorite Odia sweetmeat.


Elaborating about the start-up, one of the founders, Sarada Prasad Mohanty tells  MCL, “ was founded in October, 2015 with a vision to supply Odisha’s special sweets and namkeen all over the country. I along with my associate Tapas Kumar Behera took this initiative because we understand the need and lack of opportunity to get various Odia sweets when you are staying outside Odisha. Not just rasagolla, we also provide sweets like rasabali, peda, chennagaja, khaja and namkeen mixtures. These products are collected from reputed sweet stores from Cuttack, Bhubaneswar, Salepur and Puri because we want to deliver quality products to our customers.”


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He further adds, “We have been staying out of Odisha for a long time now and we understand the longing for your own food, especially sweets. That’s the reason we started the venture so that Odias across the country can be benefitted from our service.” The startup extends services to all over India and the price range of the products varies between Rs. 250-Rs. 750, which is quite reasonable.


Courtesy: odisharasagola


So, from where do they source the popular ‘rasagollas’, we ask? “We get them from Cuttack Sweets and Omfed and the mixture and pedas are sourced from ‘Jyoti Mixture’ and ‘Mukhuruchi’ in Bhubaneswar,” he informs.


In the namkeen category, the start-up also provides saru chips and dry boondi besides plain mixture, khatta meetha mixture, moong dal and spicy mixture. There is also fresh desi ghee, pineapple jam, mango pickle and mudki available on the site. Various types of laddoos are also available that includes badam, raasi, khoa, special bundi and besan laddoo. Even for pedas, there is a variety in store for customers, from white and kesar peda to special pedas among others.


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Odia sweets are known to have a small shelf life as they are mostly prepared out of milk and chhena. So, how is the entire process of ordering, packaging and delivering done, we ask? Mohanty elaborates, “After receiving the order, we get the products from the designated stores and pack them in our office location. Also, we have FedEx as our shipping partner and the FedEx people get the packets from office and deliver them in the mentioned address.”


He further informs, “We only deal with sweets which have minimum of six to seven days of shelf life. Also, we use vacuum technique for packing which further increases the shelf life of sweets. As we use FedEx courier services, they deliver within 48 to 72 hours. So there is absolutely no issue in the delivery process and freshness of the sweets.”


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Mohanty says, “The response has been phenomenal. We did not expect such an overwhelming bunch of takers but we are happy that new customers are being added to our list every other day. Till February 2016, we used to receive 40-50 orders in a month but from March 2016 we have been receiving almost five to seven orders in a day. The best part is that 20% of our customers are non-Odias and they visit us every month to repeat the orders because they are in love with our sweets.”


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Currently, the start-up has three people handling the office and product sourcing activities apart from both the partners.


On future plans, Mohanty says, “In 2016, we plan to add new products like pickle, papad and other delicacies from Berhampur and Western Odisha. In the next year, we are planning to have a franchise module in big cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai so that people can order and relish the Odia delicacies on the same day or the next day. We are also planning to promote and export certain dry items of Odisha to other countries like USA, Canada and UK.”

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By Rohita Dutta Volume 4 issue 04