Thursday, August 17, 2017

Dona Ganguly thrills Egypt with her electrifying Odissi performance

Her motto has always remained to promote Odissi far and wide in its purest form. And that’s what the danseuse, Dona Ganguly manifested in Egypt few days back in a very prestigious event. Dona uplifted Odissi in a platform where probably not many Indians have got a chance to showcase their fine classical dance skills. We take a look on how she triumphed in wooing the Egyptians!




Besides the dozen of artists, it was Dona’s Diksha Manjari troupe who staged an outstanding Odissi performance at the India by the Nile & the Tagore festival. Touted as one of the distinguished events globally, Dona along with her 11 dancers stealed the show with utmost panache.



With all their breathtaking mudras and abhinayas, it almost seemed that Dona & her troupe had succeeded in charming the Egyptians. The troupe led by Dona celebrated the spirituality & danced in the most sensual way on masterpieces like Saveri pallavi, Ardhanareshwar and others.



Guided by the Odissi dance maestro, Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra himself, Dona had given into dancing at a tender age of three. As of now what makes Dona hog the limelight even more is the way she has role-modeled for budding dancers. Diksha Manjari, her dance school in Kolkata trains almost 2000 students.



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Now we can proudly say that after enchanting the whole of India, Dona has in her kitty some amazing Egyptian followers. We would always hope that she continues to carry forward the essence of Odissi in whichever land she steps on to!


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