Friday, September 22, 2017, The New Laundry Friend For Bhubaneswarites!

If you thought a washing machine or a kaamwaali bai are your only companions when it comes to washing, drying and ironing clothes, you haven’t checked out yet! Offering professional online garment care, cleaning and finishing services for men, women and children, is a one-of-its-kind laundry facility in the capital.


Brainchild of 24-year old Aniket Verma, is one of the ventures of Yuvait Solutions Pvt Ltd, a small start-up started by Aniket in 2014 for complete software solutions. The mission is to digitally provide complete laundry solutions to people in an easy and hassle free way. Currently, they are providing services for all men and women wear besides other household items like bed sheets, curtains and so on.

Dhodalo 2

Although presently operating only in Bhubaneswar, Aniket has plans of expansion soon. He informed MCL that he wishes to spread the wings and expand business to others cities and states. When started on September 1, 2015, the customers had initial apprehensions for they gave only one dress but as days passed, the same customers started giving all their clothes for laundry, besides thanking them for their services.


Elaborating on the rate chart, Aniket informs, “Our price range is not based on the material of the cloth. It’s based on what kind of cloth it is, as in whether it is top wear, bottom wear, blanket or curtains. The price can vary from Rs.10 to Rs.200.




So, what inspired him to come up with such a novel idea? It was during Aniket’s engineering days when he struggled a lot with his clothes. He had come from Joda and was living all alone in the city, pursuing engineering from GIET Bhubaneswar. After completing engineering in 2013, Aniket found the same problem being faced by many other people. Local laundries were not providing solutions as per the needs of the customers. Moreover, they were taking a lot of time. Many of them were also using poor quality powder which can be harmful for clothes. So, that’s when the idea struck him to do something to provide fast and quality laundry solutions to the people of the city.


Currently they are providing Cash on Delivery services. However they will shortly come up with online payment system as well. They have two systems of taking orders. One is express way and other is normal. In express way, they provide clothes within 24 hours of getting orders and in normal way, they return the clothes within three days of getting the order. They have even completed orders within three hours! Some of their services include normal wash, express wash, special wash, advance wash and dry wash.




When asked about the response, Aniket replied, “Initially, we had targeted students and bachelors but today we are getting a lot of orders from families as well. The ratio is 80:20. We didn’t expect this kind of response. We are the only laundry service provider in the city with complete online solutions. And, we have a lot of plus points too. We use high quality detergent powder. We wash and iron the clothes too. Unlike others, we deliver clothes in an air-packed bag. Most of all, we provide door to door service, that is, free pick and delivery.


Just in case,  you don’t want to take care of your dirty laundry, there’s for you!


By Rohita Dutta Vol3Issue25