Friday, September 22, 2017

Odisha is home to several beautiful and pristine lakes for ages which simply stand out more than the others. Of all, Ansupa Lake is


With tamed destinations like Nandan Kanan, Puri and Konark ruling among favourite picnic spots, people of Odisha as well as tourists are now eager


Riddled with anecdotes of battles and invasion, the glorious land of Odisha is studded with myriads of forts which boast of valour and chivalry.


Nowadays seasoned travellers are mostly venturing into novel places and Odisha is giving them lots of surprises. Lately enough, the craze to explore and


Given Odisha’s diversity as a cultural and traditional state, one may not presume the region to have an active romantic aspect as well.  But


When it comes to mountain ranges, Odisha is replete with hilly areas that have a story to tell and greenery to be explored. While

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