Thursday, April 27, 2017

Meet 35-year-old Ratnakar Behera who has been changing the lives of children living in Salia Sahi slum through education


Soumya Ranjan Das has got a look which suits up more for a villain or at least this is what people around him say.


It’s hard to imagine the world of Internet without webisode and YouTube series, perhaps the two things which engage us most today. With novel


You can call him a thief because he has stolen the hearts of millions. He is a perfect combination of stardom, responsibility and patriotism


The Ollywood fraternity has never lacked in its store of comedy and has been brimming with many veterans as well as budding comedians who

Naveen’s struggle with Odia language is well known and has been ever talked about or criticized since the time he took the political plunge.

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