Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Way back in 1936, little did the folks of then Odisha know that they were to be treated with an enigmatic Odia flick for


Love and romance have always been the central theme in most films, be it Hollywood, Bollywood or our very own Ollywood. Needless to mention,


We Odias are a bunch of lively people who always take pride in our indigenous lifestyle, rustic food habits, colloquial style of conversation and


With big banners and production houses continuing to place their bets on A-list actors and remakes for their films, content as usual had few


It is worthwhile to make the festivities of the last week memorable after a year full of happiness and despair. If you want to


Each year, the wonderfully eclectic Sun Temple at Konark becomes a backdrop for one of India’s biggest cultural festivals. Various folk and classical Indian

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