Monday, February 20, 2017

Do you ever wonder, while watching an Odissi dance performance of how the dancers prep themselves up so beautifully that everything looks almost effortless


Festive fervour is the best fever. These occasions are the sole reasons which keep us grounded to our roots, putting the entire family into

Rich in culture and religious traditions, Odisha is such a state that offers its spectators an array of sacred places, ancient temples, religious folklore,


Each year, the wonderfully eclectic Sun Temple at Konark becomes a backdrop for one of India’s biggest cultural festivals. Various folk and classical Indian


The abode of Lord Jagannath is around the world and not just limited to Odisha or India alike. As almost everyone is enticed with


Unless you are spiritually mature enough, don't read Raslila, because you are going to misread it. - Vivekanand The Eternal Beauty

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