Friday, September 22, 2017

Odisha was an inhospitable place for the early English settlers. Many of them fell to tropical diseases like malaria and typhoid. Among the missionaries


The antiquity of this old complex is not exactly  known. Old timers of Cuttack call it the Goshala, but it was originally a Dharamshala


While food and festivals complete each other, we must say that Odia occasions are of the best that highlights luscious dishes. One can gorge

Riddled with anecdotes of battles and invasion, the glorious land of Odisha is studded with myriads of forts which boast of valour and chivalry.


We Odiyas take immense pride in our very own mother tongue, Odia which today completes three whole years since it was declared as a classical


Ever heard of a second Konark Temple in Odisha? If not, then read on and discover another lesser known sublime beauty of the culturally

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