Friday, September 22, 2017

Best Spaces In Bhubaneswar Where You Can Get To Read As Well As Avail Their Special Offerings!

In this era of digitization of books, there are still many who prefer to feel the pages of a book while reading. Those who love books will relate to the fact that a place where one reads matter the most. And just in case, if that good space offers a thing or two apart from the regular reading corner, then it becomes even harder to keep the book down. By a thing or two, we mean tea or coffee, book related & general accessories, besides other privileges in such stores.


Interestingly, the capital city has developed special space for the readers in the past few years to visit not just for books, but also for its ambience plus the exceptional things which one can avail or engage their time in! Take a look as below we have compiled the best combination with books which are sure to be experienced by every other reader of the city!


1) Oxford

Fused with the delicacies of Cha Bar which happens to make awesome tea, Oxford is a favorite place for the bibliophiles who can go through the huge offering of books amidst a lovely reading setup. It even makes up for a serene & intellectual atmosphere to read and debate with like-minded people. This is like an anytime place for the book lovers who can spend thoughtful moments in a peaceful corner while drinking tea and can also avail certain amazing accessories!oxford



Location: 2nd floor, Pal Heights, J/7, Jaydev Vihar


2) Crossword

Here one can find different genres of books set up in an organised manner that allows the reader to browse through a variety including bestsellers, classics, books on travel, lifestyle etc., best Odia reads and many more. Small stools kept at the sides of the book racks will give any person ample space and comfort to reflect on a good purchase. Besides books, the store also provides a great collection of CDs covering films, music, television series and cartoons. There are even other accessories for everyday use that’s worth a buy!


Location: Plot No.437, Phase II, Patia


3) Walking BookFairs

Creating a buzz in town for travelling 10,000 kms covering 20 states around the country with a mobile bookstore mounted on a van, this thoughtful couple have their cozy bookstore in the capital city. What is beautiful about the place is the ambience that it creates for readers with its indigenous interior decoration and diverse array of books covering all languages and even picture books for children. And the most favorite part is, they offer heavy discounts on all books throughout the year which make it a first choice on the buyer’s list!


Location: 3/4 Prayash, Nalco Nagar Road


4) Bakul Foundation

The first look at the place might confuse a person for being a library or a play school. But eventually, one will find piles of children books stacked in their racks of library. Though it is one of the largest children’s libraries in the state, Bakul even has multiple genre of books in different languages, including Odia. It even offer its readers to donate books and interestingly, almost the whole library has been built with the donation of books by ordinary people. Though lending of books has not started, membership is very simple and anyone can drop in to read. Bakul also conducts reading sessions, extends to volunteerism like planting trees, working for children in need and others as well!


bakul-bhubaneswarLocation:  Plot 16, Satya Nagar, Near Big Bazar


5) AS Reading Room

If you are a competitive aspirant, then this is the right place for you. It is a silent homely place with some good collection for competitive exam books. You can also opt for carrying your own books but entry needs a membership. It opens from 8:00 am in the morning till 9:00 pm and the best part of this place is that it has personal locker systems and both AC and non AC personal cabins which one can choose according to suitability.


Location: A-25, Nilakantha Nagar, Nayapalli