Sunday, September 24, 2017

An Exclusive Feature On The Best Of Michael’s Kitchen And The Amazing Chef Michael!

With new food places popping up in Bhubaneswar almost all the time, it is needless to mention that the restaurant scene in this capital city was never so hotter and wider as it is now. But out of all the great ones, the biggest stir which a restaurant has created since few months is Michael’s Kitchen where the cuisines are inventive and the Chef is beyond appreciation!


The brainchild of Mr. Sayan Kumar Behera, a true Odia at heart and an experienced culinary artist, famous as Chef Michael among masses, Michael’s Kitchen has turned out to be a hot favourite among the residents and tourists too. Be it the deftly cooked sea food, colourfully garnished South East Asian and European dishes or the mocktails, this place will not let you stop at just a onetime visit.


To begin with, the true deal and attraction of Michael’s Kitchen is Chef Michael himself . Many might not know that the Chef is a staunch follower of French chef, Michael, from where he got his name. Long back Sayan aka Chef Michael had a food joint named as Ice n Rolls in Mumbai near Mithibai College, but his sheer love for Odisha made him come back. He then started working with Mayfair Group Of Hotels, Odisha after which he moved on to conceptualize his own venture that we now know as the iconic Michael’s Kitchen.


A good interior can do so much for a restaurant, and Michael Kitchen’s striking architecture plus interiors truly justifies the initial impression. The entire set-up of this place is divided into two different sections. One side that’s basically packed during celebrations exude a traditional feel and the other side makes up for the real crowd gathering who visit to enjoy the relishing dishes!


There’s even a small mocktail bar wherein about ten bewitching mocktails are prepared and served. This impressive looking venue is a great reason for the restaurant becoming a buzz and availing rave reviews from anyone who comes in here!



Now let’s talk food! Everything here is way too sumptuous and innovative with the presentation of each dish being simply bang on. Do try out some of their exotic dishes like Tibetan Thupka, Burmese Khow Suey, Italian Crepe, Jade Ball for starters.



Next for main course, you can go with the very delicious Roasted Lamb Provencale and  Vegetable Stronganoff. Moving on to the desserts, there is nothing like the sweet taste of its Gulab Jamun shots, Strawberry Nutella pie, Chocoholic and others as well.



In case you feel like trying some Italian specialties, then surely go for their huge list of crepes and pasta. For your Indian cuisine choice, you can always mete out your heart to the evergreen Biriyani and Paneer Tikka Lababdar.



While most dishes have a price range between Rs 180-300, there are a few classical delicacies like Tandoori Bhekti and Tandoori Pompfret that cost around Rs 1000 and Rs 550 respectively. But we must say that everything is worth the money and the relishing experience is something that you can cherish long after the indulgence.



But keeping aside all the deliciousness, it is Chef Michael’s cordial and generous attitude in particular which is a big hit among the customers who discuss about their choice of cuisines besides attaining knowledge on food from the taste maker himself.