Friday, January 20, 2017
Pratikhya Patnaik 7POSTS

There's truly nothing like taking a warm dip in a natural hot spring and to soothe the body with its mineral-rich water. Healing and


This is that time of the year which provides just the perfect surroundings to plan trips with friends and family. Odisha offers many picnic


Sitting in a comfortable couch in your favorite pair of pajamas and devouring mouth-watering dishes sounds much more enticing than sitting in a restaurant


Recreation is a must for all and without any entertainment, life becomes very monotonous. All of us always tend to find new ways to


Durga Puja with all its cheerfulness is celebrated with much pomp and show in Cuttack too. Denizens here know the exact importance of this


It's not just the food options that are getting extensive these days, but even the restaurants are elevating their creative quotient in its ambience


Sometimes all one need after a week's exhaustion is an ideal weekend escape that will be enough to leave refreshed and energized in the