Sunday, September 24, 2017
Nivedita Mishra 8POSTS

We all know how the dating culture has changed over the years, from sending love letters to stalking and various other ways. However these


Despite its significant contribution to the country over the past several decades, the State of Odisha has always remained an obscure identity across the


For some, Pubs come as a rescue after a hectic day's or week's work, while for others it's simply a place to booze on.


Not many of us know that Western Odisha, which is pretty neglected and overlooked, is quite abound with beautiful flora and fauna as well


If you are next in line for a perfect wedding and stress a lot on what and where to shop, then we have got


No matter what, there is no running away from books. There are a lot of classic novels in various languages and even great books


Hot days call for chilled sips! Even when the monsoon is just few days away, it is still blazing hot outside. So we have


“It was one thing to talk about ghosts, and quite another to have them messing around with things in the physical world.” - Hunter Shea,