Monday, June 26, 2017
Adyaa Upasana 42POSTS

An exciting melange of innovative games, events and a glitzy celeb studded evening is what makes this cultural fest, ‘Xpressions’ stand out among others.

There are varied cuisines available these days, and this has somehow widened the expected preference of a person on his platter. To much delight

Since time immemorial, virtues have eternally prevailed over vices, and festivals are the living legends which portray this fact. Unique to the core, this

Startup companies that have sweeping visions to create novel strategies are truly the high point of this generation! Moreover, with the up-gradation of technology, the


What if you could find a good eatery with good company and some healthy discussion with your fellow foodies all assorted and served on


Amandeep Singh Sandhu, author of Sepia Leaves and Roll of Honour tells MCL why he feels book reading hasn’t gone down even as he


Festivals bring with them loads of fun, merry-making and waves of nostalgia. Each of them pragmatic with an interesting story traced back to ancient

It has indeed been rightly quoted by the American nutritionist, Adele Davis that one needs to eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a

There are many places in Bhubaneswar which conserves and displays vivid flora so that people of any age group can pass a naturally splendid

Their passion, versatility and excellent skills have made these women leave an iconic magic in our society. Moreover, the changes they have wrought in