Friday, September 22, 2017

An Interesting Theatre Training For Young Minds By Bakul Foundation

School curriculum’s today may have integrated massive knowledge to make our children information-smart but they still have a long way to go when it comes to inculcating fundamental abilities of imagination and creativity into the young minds for their all-round development.


With an objective to fill this lacuna in our education system, city based organisation Bakul Foundation has been taking regular initiatives to enhance the creative and imaginative faculties of children through leisure activities. The team recently came up with a workshop based on the concept of “Moving Theatre” that not only had the children make a bee line to participate in it but also had their parents excited to witness it.


As part of this unique workshop, the participants, for a change, did not perform on a stage but in different rooms and the audience was made to move from one room to another to see the children perform and, in a way, ‘move’ with their performance. Each room selected for the ‘moving theatre’ workshop was painted with diverse colours to give different effects to each performance.


Bakul_Foundation_Theatre (4)


About two years back, an Italian lady named Sara Manzo had come to Bhubaneswar to popularise this fascinating concept of theatre workshops for children. Eventually,Bakul Foundation and its team of five volunteers decided to take up the idea and implement it in their initiatives for enriching children’s experiences of learning and acquiring knowledge. Fortunately, they did find a large number of takers for the idea who participated in the event.


Savita Ray, a volunteer at the workshop said, “The idea behind the workshop was to help the children innovate new ideas and turn into creative thinkers and writers since the scripts were entirely prepared by them.”


Bakul_Foundation_Theatre (5)


The workshop witnessed participation of children coming from different schools of the city. As they penned their own story lines and dialogues, they underwent rigorous regimes of physical, theatrical, voice exercises and group work guided by the volunteers.


Bakul_Foundation_Theatre (1)


Talking about her involvement in the workshop, Sumedha Ray a participant told us,“It was a great learning experience for me. I enjoyed and interacted with many people besides exchanging some ideas with my co-mates during the event. The story I scripted instilled a good deal of confidence in me to take up writing in future.”


Kavita Ray, whose children had participated in the moving theatre, shared her enthusiasm with us as she said, “I am very happy on seeing such excellent performances by these talented kids. Though I had never had such an experience before, I became an active volunteer at the workshop. I was happy to find such guidance and facilities for my children. I am glad that Bakul Foundation is organising such an event for children and presenting it in an interesting way too.”


Bakul_Foundation_Theatre (2)


Developing confidence and self-esteem in children, encouraging themselves to work in a team, and enhancing their thinking abilities which will help them for a better future, remained the chief aim of the workshop.


Bakul_Foundation_Theatre (3)


The event saw the children performing in three leading plays; the first skit “Joy of Giving” represented the dichotomy between the ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’. The second skit based on “Incredible India” illustrated the major issues that plague us today- wastage and misuse of non-renewable energy, material consumption, water pollution and crises, and the issue of open defecation.  Finally, the last skit named “Sparks” reflected on the story of two young students who get inspired from scientific research. All the three plays conveyed a social message.