Friday, September 22, 2017

An Exclusive Interview With Dilip Tirkey And Some Lesser Known Facts About Him!

For most of the hockey followers and viewers, Dilip Tirkey has been and will always remain a legendary hockey player, who is highly noted for his dynamic defending skills. Much is also known about the fact that Dilip is a Member of Parliament and he has been taking a strong hold in political affairs too. But who is Dilip Tirkey exactly off the field and what are the things beyond his political persona?


Yes, we have tried to bust these and many other lesser known facts about this 38-year-old hockey maestro from Sundargarh, in an exclusive tete-a-tete with the man himself! A humble and soft-spoken Dilip did reveal various interesting details that you should scroll down and read, if you too follow him closely, like we do. Let’s get started!   



If not a hockey player, then what would you have become today?

Letting out his charming smile, Dilip started off by saying that, “I am happy being a player besides being a politician now and would have wanted the same way for me, as it is presently. But somewhere it would have also been good if I studied more and pursued a career in police or army departments, as was the case with many people back in my native place!”


Is there any kind of hobby that you are interested in?

No, I don’t have any hobbies as such. I just used to like playing hockey since the very beginning. But now I have taken up few social activities, through which I am providing assistance to the budding sportsmen of Odisha and those players who are seeking any sort of aid. This has become not only my new area of interest, but also something that I have developed as my ultimate mission!


We are aware that your parents and spouse belong to the hockey fraternity; are you also planning to continue your lineage on similar lines?

Well, my son Jaish is currently studying in 1st standard and I am not forcing him into anything now. I will be happy if he chooses hockey as a career but will let him make his own choices as he grows up.



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Since we know that you have retired from hockey, so how do you keep yourself busy these days, apart from being involved in Odisha’s political affairs?

As of now, I am spending most of my time in planning a tournament which has been titled as the Biju Pattnaik Rural Hockey Championship. This initiative will encourage the budding tribal hockey players as well as send a message to the Red Rebels, who will be encouraged to drop their weapons, stop spreading violence and instead pick up hockey sticks  to make it a career!



You really might have travelled to a lot of places. Anything you would want to share on that aspect or a dream destination that you still have to visit?

Yes, that’s true that I have been to a lot of places, owing to my tournaments and I am still going on tours for any sort of political assignment. Although I love travelling and also learn about the diversity of varied regions, but soon after visiting a particular place, I start getting home-sick. The comfort of being at home makes it my most favourite destination!


Much has been talked about travel; now tell us about your favourite cuisine?

Earlier I used to eat a lot of things, but now as I don’t practice hockey vigorously, my diet has been cut short to boiled vegetables and occasionally the fish and chicken dishes! I would also want to share that when I was young, I used to cook and experiment with food, only to present it joyfully in front of my parents who admired my culinary skills! Probably, we never knew that Dilip Tirkey could be a master chef too!



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Who has been your support, both on and off the field?

My room-mate, Vikram Pillay and few others have been my constant source of support. I would also like to mention about my coach, Mr. A. K Bansal who has inspired me throughout the journey. Moreover, during my initial game years, Pargat Singh’s game was most dear to me and I used to constantly try to play like him!


A closing statement that you would like to provide?

I am gradually learning the nuances of politics and mustering my strength and interest to help the society. I am of the view that we need to provide a platform or guide those sportsmen who are unable to play, pertaining to the lack of facilities. A lot more competent players can emerge in Odisha, for which I am aiming to bring them forward!



Wishing this Hockey legend a very  Happy Birthday and good luck for all his future endeavors.