Friday, September 22, 2017

An Account Of How It Feels To Be Away From Bhubaneswar & Things That You Will Dearly Miss!

With all the simplicity and little joys at every turn, Bhubaneswar is an ideal city to reside in. It is true that people tend to breathe a sigh of relief when they leave Bhubaneswar and go on to explore the world of opportunities. But they are also amongst the ones who whole-heartedly yearn for the tenderness which the city embraces.


“Having a dream to chase, I left for Mumbai 3 years back exactly at the age of 16. An ever curious soul like me was all geared up to flee Bhubaneswar’s ordinary nest and fly into a new life in a highly upgraded city. My brain was fed with the fantasy that a whole world of opportunities is awaiting for me in Mumbai, and that I have an exciting chapter of my life to unleash. Although I was tearfully bidding goodbye to everyone, but somewhere in my heart I felt happy. Because this is what I had always longed for, to be away from everyone and learn life the hard way, MY way!


The brand new city has surely made me sparkle rightly, but being homesick or rather Bhubaneswar-sick is a rare phenomenon which strikes me hard almost all the time. In the spirit of 3 years gone by, here I am revealing the sober realities of my hometown which I miss out on.”


1. Commute so comfortable that citizens here are alien to the incessant hours of traffic jams!

The city’s smooth roads and traffic leniency is something one craves for no matter where they live. This place has not only given us the perfect roads but has even blessed us with magnificent streets. One can escape reality as the clock strikes 11. The isolated streets & the deafening silence results in nothing but calming the anxious soul.



2. This place is blessed with such divine street-eats that even Gods would have a relishing treat!

Eat wherever you want, whatever you want and however you want. But you will always feel deprived of the flavor this city provides, no matter how well you imitate. No other city will just not have the eccentricity this soil provides. One can try all day long but the Pakhala, Dalma & Santula that Bhubaneswar offers, is simply lustful.


Bhubaneswar Street food snacks


3. One can just be forever hungover on the hangouts experienced here!

The actual charm of the city is hidden in the “Khatti Sessions.” Despite the exhausting day, you will never see a group of friends who would turn down a hangout. It is a sacred ritual respected by everyone. There is no requirement for a fancy place. “Sabu theek achi, kemiti achu and kaun chaluchi” are the secret ingredients to an amazing Khatti.


4. Every soul here is a boss of his own, with liberty at its best!

Every city has a population of individuals who define it. Here you will find care-free, laid back people who live life at a slow pace. It is not that the people here don’t work. Just that they take the time to appreciate everything. In the process you learn to appreciate the small things in life. Something the world truly needs.


Bhubaneswar people culture


5. The vicinity of this city has some of the most serene escapades!

Unlike many other cities in India, Bhubaneswar has some of the most scenic destinations and monuments within a radius of just 2-20 kms. Kick-starting the day on the hill-top of Dhaulagiri or biking the way to the nearby Deras Dam for the most serene view, are certain moments which can be experienced just here. In addition, marveling on the intricacy of architecture at Udayagiri & Khadagiri caves, can be beheld in no other city.



With almost no rat race, Bhubaneswar camouflages a lot of emotions and sentiments. That’s probably the edge which sets the city apart, making it smarter than the others. Incredible, as we consider, Bhubaneswar thoroughly has a giant heart which entices people to the core!