Friday, September 22, 2017

All About The Miserable Condition Of Roads In Bhubaneswar!

Fine roads and easy travelling makes any city even more welcoming. Although Bhubaneswar has been flourishing rapidly in terms of great Infrastructure and friendly public spaces, nevertheless the capital city’s commute is recently testing the patience of even the most seasoned drivers. The roads to this smart city is being heaped with sand, pebbles, rumbles and even loaded with cattle or cows in certain places.


Here’s to expressing concern about the pitiable condition of our roads which are no less than life-threatening for the daily commuters!


1) Piling of raw materials for construction purpose on the roads

Some of the roads of the capital city often turn into a store-house of sand, stones and pebbles which are employed for the construction of pretty houses and other lush infrastructures. It’s not just the owners or workers of these properties who leave the raw materials unattended but sometimes even the civic authorities equally stand at fault for this amoral act. More than an unpleasant sight, this accumulation proves hazardous for the commuters & other daily travelers who are mostly left to encounter dangerous perils on their way.

construction purpose

Construction materials piled up for private construction at Jagamara


With a close inspection, this issue can get significantly solved. A timely scrutiny of the roads by the civic authorities & penalizing the ones misusing public roads can greatly make them safe to commute. Furthermore, vacuum trucks can even be used to clean up the piled sand from the roads and its edges on a regular basis.


2) Roads full of Hurdles

Rumbles and speed breakers are constructed on the roads for slowing down the vehicles so as to avoid mishaps. But, in many places of the capital city, these speed breakers are laid down in a rather unguided manner which poses a certain mess for small vehicles to cross over. Much recently, we witnessed new designs of speed breakers with proper slopes constructed on some lanes but sadly even those stand unregulated.


Near Unit 8, Bhubaneswar


Moreover, the new sloped speed breakers are not uniform throughout their length and width which is another proof of their awry structure. It’s even more difficult for the vehicles with low ground clearance.


Rumble Strips near Delta Square & Rumble Strips at Fire Station


However, this problem can surely be tackled. Some guidelines need to be set and followed for the speed breakers and rumbles which will not only slow down the vehicles efficiently, but will also allow easy crossings for the low ground clearance vehicles.


3) A resting ground in the name of Roads

It’s getting common to witness cattle and stray dogs left loose on the streets and on the busiest roads as well. Though there are vehicles and squads to catch hold of them, nevertheless the results doesn’t seem to be visually appealing. Sadly enough, if these creatures are not taken care of properly, then fatal accidents will become an almost everyday thing to spectate.


Cattles resting on road at Gandhi Marg, PMG


To avoid such menace, stricter laws should be made and implemented against the ones letting their cattle in loose. There should be proper squad for catching the stray animals and also reflective collars can be put on these animals so as to caution vehicles during night. Such measures will not just reduce the fatality on the roads but will also save the lives of many innocent animals.


4) Pimples on the Roads

Many commuters might have experienced a surprise with the sudden appearance of some bulged out parts of the manhole on roads. In some places of the city, after the completion of the manhole projects, the roads carelessly get leveled with the height of the manhole, hence crafting pimple like bulge in the middle of the roads. Such constructions often leads to fatal accidents and crashes.


A Bulged out Man Hole Hatch at Bermunda Bus Stand


Leveling the roads after completion of any project will make this out of proportion thing easily avoidable. Proper coordination of various departments and agencies are needed to make our roads safer and fame it as smarter.


5) Unguided Diversions

It is not uncommon to find many unguided traffic diversions across the city, like in the most famous Master Canteen Circle. Huge traffic and vehicles pass from different directions without any proper traffic police or signal to assist. Such unguided crossings and diversions create immense vehicular congestion & confuse the commuters leading to accidents at times.


Master Canteen, Janpath, Bhubaneswar


What we need in these parts of the city is a proper traffic signal for commuters to strictly follow or maybe a guidance of directions from a traffic policeman!