Friday, September 22, 2017

A Take On The Street Civic Sense Of Cuttack!

The shorter commutes and almost a little time stuck in traffic, makes Cuttack an easy city to dwell in. That means it hardly takes us minutes to travel from one end to another & we can always get back home during lunch hours for that hearty meal. But one thing that is smirking on the folks of Cuttack real hard is the ‘organised street civic sense.’ While the young blood consider this to be just another English phrase, the older and grey haired ones have literally given up, owing to the adage “Cuttack traffic ro kichi hae pariba nahi”


Now let’s take a look on how exactly the street civic sense, has since ages, forgotten its meaning in the ethical dictionary of some of the Cuttackis!


1) Wrong side driving or overtaking in the wrong way is what we undertake the best!

Needless to mention, we tend to overtake from the wrong side on our beloved vehicle, with a SWAG. And sometimes, even the owner of a four-wheeler is no exception to this universal traffic rule of Cuttack. We bet, this particular moment, maybe on a Buxi Bazar Square might look no less than a Dhoom flick, with the rider equalling to that of Uday Chopra’s wit of riding!

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2) Still searching for the silver lining of little traffic sense!

No wonder, only a dancing cop like Benudhar Sahu at every intersection can do some mercy towards Cuttack’s traffic regulations. Barring Badambadi or Link Road’s signal point & sometimes Satichaura juncture, we turn a blind eye to almost every other intersection. The best of all this amiss can be primarily viewed at Chandi Mandir Square where the tendency to zoom and jump on the other side of road seems nothing but dangerously amazing!

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3) Merely the mention of ‘Helmet’ becomes another topic of cracking jokes!

It is against our fashion statement to wear a helmet, though some of us may carry it for escaping the hefty fee. But even the fine collection scheme is seasonal in Cuttack, where the rumour gets diffused pretty fast that the cops’ survey have rigorously started, sometimes in Ganesh Ghat, Link Road or Jobra Square. We can only hope that the latest “No Helmet, No Fuel” rule breaks the Helmet-code!



4) A gathering on the road here turns into a law court!

For some of the Cuttackis, it is a euphoric moment whenever there’s any brawl on the street. Traffic coming to a halt is foremost, but what makes the sight appealing is the way they forget their purpose in life, only to STARE at the ones in action. This scene looks no less like the one in a courtroom, where everyone becomes a judge in themselves hoping to bring in order & justice. But it is also worthwhile to mention that there are times when the same gathering exhibits their best to combat any unpleasant situation on the road.

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5) The Unbeatable Street Yaari!

Well, Cuttackis have an excellent knack of bonding on the streets even if it’s a risky alliance. Most common is three or sometimes four people weirdly loaded on a two-wheeler, rejoicing in their thrilling ride. Other time is when a fellow commuter passes strange gestures from a distance indicating, Bhaina, aagare checking chaluchi.

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6) Parking spot is just anywhere and everywhere!

A narrow road doesn’t deter the residents of Cuttack to park their vehicles as if they possess the streets.  While the portrayal of such a view can be witnessed rather everywhere in Cuttack, but especially in NayaSarak & Dolmundai, the parking is simply haphazard. Yes, Cuttack does lack adequate parking space, but we see to it that our vehicles are parked right on the road, in the most royal way!

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Each one of us have been there and done that. Although the JICA implementation might do some good in the upcoming days, nevertheless the entire project has somewhat rendered the streets of Cuttack dusty & muddy. Hence making the commute all the more difficult. Jokes apart, this piece of writing can only be ended with a hope that we become sensitive on matters concerning street civic sense. Because monsoon is here and fancy potholes will show up like never before!


Feature Image Source: osrtc