Friday, September 22, 2017

A List Of The Top 10 Pithas From An Odia Kitchen!

When we talk about Odia cuisine, Pitha forms an indispensable part of it. Pitha is not only authentic but also lip-smacking & once tasted, it just gets irresistible. Primarily considered as festive specials, Pithas are highly relished during all the major occasions of Odisha.

Here we bring you the top 10 pithas from Odia kitchen!


1) Arisa Pitha

Prepared from rice flour, this Pitha is one of the most popular delicacies of Odisha and is also referred to as the sweet pancake. Being crispy outside and soft inside, it adds to one’s discerning taste!

aarisa pitha odia cuisine odisha

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2) Manda Pitha

This steamed version of Pitha is an Odia-style Modak that is prepared mainly during festive season. Made up from semolina, Manda Pitha is packed with sweet fillings or fresh cheese (Chhena). Grated coconut flavored with cardamom elevates the delicious taste of Manda Pitha even more.


3) Poda Pitha

A major highlight during the festival of Raja, Poda Pitha is basically a rice & coconut cake with a slightly burnt top. Its crunch of coconut garnished with nuts and caramelized jaggery will surely tingle your taste buds. Well, this Pitha also happens be Lord Jagannath’s favorite and is savored by him each time after having the meal.



4) Kakara Pitha

This is one of Odisha’s special dessert delicacy and is a fried Pitha made from wheat flour/semolina in shape of a small pancake and has a sweet coconut filling. Such is its taste, that it will keep your untimely cravings in place!

kakara pitha odia cuisine odisha

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5) Chitau Pitha

Chitau Pitha is distinctive in its own way made of rice flour and cocunut slices this pitha is primarily made during the  Chitalagi or Chitou Amavasya , a festival related to Lord Jagannath. Unique in its flavor it imparts, a chitau pitha never fails to impress! Re-create this classic at home.

chitau pitha odia cuisine odisha

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6) Chandrakanti

This is a succulent deep-fried cake. It is one of the most happening Pithas made from Moong dal and coconut which is prepared in every household during festivals

chandrakanti pitha odia cuisine odisha

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7) Enduri Pitha

This is one of the most popular and traditional delicacies of Odisha. It is prepared during the festival of Prathamastami and elongated in shape, this Pitha has sweetened scrubbed coconut stuffing in it. The unique aroma of turmeric leaves in this Pitha adds on to its taste.


8) Malpua

Malpuas are delicate and lacy, soft filigreed pancakes which melts in one’s mouth. It’s a delicious dessert characterized by luxuriant flavours and speckled with exciting tinges of fennel. These melt-in-the-mouth Malpuas should ideally be served right off the tava.

Malpua odia pitha

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9) Chakuli Pitha

Chakuli Pitha is a notable dish of Odisha which is delectably crisp. It is a rice based, fried & flat pancake resembling the South Indian Plain Dosa. This is also a great option for those looking to rake in their daily dose of calcium.

chakuli pitha

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10) Gaintha Pitha

For all sweet lovers, Gaintha Pitha is one of the preferred Pitha. It looks like small balls, made of rice flour dipped in seasoned sweet milk. With a dish like this, you can splendidly feast even while fasting!


With such amazing varieties, Pitha is just the right thing to be relished as a fulfilling breakfast dish, a healthy snack or even as a tempting dessert. Which one’s your favorite?