Saturday, August 19, 2017

8 Best Vegetarian Thali Joints In Cuttack For The Ultimate Feast!

A vegetarian thali with the little bowls of tasty servings & wholesome dishes is just the right thing needed on a hungry day. Then there are times when it is also better to order the thali rather than facing the extensive menu at a hotel. This is because we know that a thali is extremely satiating, and if it’s vegetarian, then the supreme taste is a sure shot. Cuttack, however noted for its multiple street foods is also packed with thali joints & restaurants that can definitely give a humble competition to any exquisite meal!


That said, here is a formidable list of best places to try vegetarian thalis across the city which is not necessarily ranked as per its numerical.


1) Vyanjan

This is a place which has evolved from being a quaint food-joint to one of the most affable restaurants in Cuttack, all in a span of nearly 23 years. Apart from the delicious offering of Indian, Tandoori and other foods, Vyanjan even beckons of a vegetarian thali which is sumptuously filled with a single serving of roti, rice, dal, 2 vegetable dishes that can also be customised as per one’s choice. Be there with your friends or family for a nice hearty meal!


Cost: Rs. 90/-

Where: Naya Sarak, In front of Emarti Devi Women’s College

Timing: 12:00 pm-3:00 pm


2) Shree Shri Kunja

Already a pioneer in Cuttack for their assortment of amazing sweets, this place now even serves two kinds of North Indian Thalis, including a mini one for people with less appetite. Feast like a king on either of them which serve everything from 2 kinds of chapattis, paneer, gravy & dry veggie dishes, amongst others. Though their servings are limited, but do leave some room in the end for their most tasty sweet as your dessert!


Costs: North Indian Thali – Rs. 160 | Mini North Indian Thali – Rs. 120/-

Where: Nandi Sahi

Timings: 11:30 am-3:00 pm | 7:00 pm-9:00 pm


3) Madras Hotel

For the last 50 years, this eatery has retained their essence of South Indian meals like no other place in the city. Especially the vegetarian thali here is pretty authentic with some additional items of rasam and mixed curry, besides others. Moreover, the dalma in this palate is a local favourite and tastes utter delicious. Although charged extra, there is nothing like their custard pudding & rawa ladoo as a sweet finish to this light & tasty thali.



Cost: Rs. 55/- (Single serving)

Where: High Court road, Nimchouri

Timings: 10:00 am-3:00 pm | 7:30 pm-10:00 pm


4) Dama Maharaj

Situated a little away from the hustle bustle of the city is this favourite place specially for families, where two kinds of stellar vegetarian thalis are offered. There is an Economy Thali which comes with a relishing mix vegetable dish and raita, among other regular items. And full marks for their special Damas Thali which is absolutely worth trying with its three kinds of veggie dishes, rice, chapati, besides other accompaniments.


Costs: Economy Thali – Rs. 85 | Damas Thali – Rs. 110 (Single servings for both)

Where: CDA, Sector-6

Timing: 11:30 am – 3:00 pm


5) Bombay Hotel

Established since 1954, this is still a favourite vegetarian spot for the localite and tourists. Being close to the railway station, it is a noted place in the city with exemplary hospitality and stunning meals. In their thali, expect to feast on items that include 3 kinds of lavish vegetable dishes, dal, rice & others. Though charged extra, the buttermilk served is a must have. You may sometimes find the place packed, but the wait for this meal is totally worth it.



Cost: Rs. 110/-

Where: Ice Factory Road, College Square

Timings: 10:30 am-3:00 pm | 7:00 pm-10:00 pm


6) Vineeth’s Food Court

Standing tall in one of the busiest lanes, this is one of the few joints in Cuttack that offer both North Indian & South Indian thali. The impressive interiors of this newly renovated place further increase the delight to try their authentic vegetarian dishes. The South Indian one at their price is a good bet and is even replete with portions including sambar, bhaja & puri. And yes, their other thali with the multiple items in an incredible pick too!


Costs: South Indian Thali –Rs. 80/- | North Indian Thali–Rs. 140/- (Single servings for both)

Where: Dolmundai

Timing: 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm


7) Ambica Hotel

If you are in love with the multiplicity of vegetarian food, then this place will give you the best options to try out. Not one or two, they serve three kinds of thalis and we must mention that all of them have a unique taste and flavour of their own. For a good old home-style meal, try General Thali. The Punjabi Thali comes next with three variations of veg dishes, dal and two variations of rice among others. Lastly, go for Maharaja Thali which is unbelievably grand & yummy!



Costs: General Thali – Rs. 110/- | Punjabi Thali – Rs. 150/- | Maharaja Thali – Rs. 180/-

Where: Pilgrim road, College Square

Timings: 11:30 am-3:30 pm | 7:30 pm-10:00 pm


8) Hadibandhu Vegetus

Apart from the aforementioned vegetarian joints, some of which are quite renowned and others being age-old, we now present a recently opened place where you can go & try a different sort of veg meal. Replete with balanced veg delights, their thali serves flavoursome & authentic items. The clean & spacious ambience is another tremendous value for your money.


Cost: Rs. 70/-

Where: Manglabag Road

Timing: 11:00 pm-3:00 pm