Thursday, August 24, 2017

6 Kinds Of Superstitions Which We All Must Have Believed At Least Once In Our Life!

In this ultra modern world where science has an explanation to almost everything, there are still certain things left unravelled. God for example is not seen, not heard, not felt but believed. We believe a lot of things everyday on the basis of certain hopes, assumptions, orthodoxy and not on concrete proof.  Despite being rational humans, our subconscious still silently accepts these unreasonable everyday beliefs. Here is a compilation of some such perspectives.


1. Brushing nails against each other will lead to quarrel with people

Unlike Ram Dev baba who will tell you to brush your nails for shiny, lustrous hair, our elders will mostly tell you that it might lead to a severe quarrel at home or with a friend. Now, how these are related is a mystery to be solved. May be you just get charged up through the fiction of nails to fight!



2. A black cat crossing road is bad omen

A black cat crossing the road would generally mean the cat is going somewhere. But if you see it crossing infront of your vehicle, you definitely feel harmed and unsafe . While we really don’t know what is the code that our ancestors have hidden behind it, rash driving, no helmet, no seat belt, driving after consumption of alcohol and usage of mobile phones while driving is definitely more harmful than that black little creature.



3. Passing chilli directly from one hand to another will sour relationships

Chilli spices up the food but sours relations. Weird but believed strongly. The simple logic can be that a piquant chilli might make relations piquant  which we really don’t want. Thus we keep it on the table for the other person to collect.



4. A butterfly resting on you gets you married soon 

For all the unmarried ladies, next time a butterfly is around, be very still if you plan to get married soon. We have no account of  this miracle always coming true but sheer coincidences might have developed the beautiful idea that sounds very interesting.



5. Wishing on a shooting star

Legend has it that Greek astronomer Ptolemy wrote that occasionally out of curiosity or boredom, Gods peer down at the earth from between the spheres when stars sometimes slip out of this gap indicating that Gods are paying attention now. As interesting as it sounds, this beautiful view freshens the mind and brings in hope and positivity. And a strong belief on anything definitely makes it reality.



6. Hitting sticks against each other lead to severe quarrels

Stone against each other create fire in the atmospheres and sticks against each other create fire in the minds. The first thing that comes to mind about  this belief is what would be the situations of people after an evening spent in dancing dandiya or a gilli danda match. Well, still there has to be a reason for believing this so strongly. And that’s yet to be discovered.



If you have come across any other such superstitions, please comment in the box below.