Sunday, September 24, 2017

6 Best Places In Bhubaneswar For Every Momo Lover!

It’s hard to resist the sight of Momos. Word goes by that the lure of these soft dumplings can be treated as a healthy delicacy of all seasons. While earlier, there were few places in Bhubaneswar to try and taste momos, we now can happily rejoice in the fact that the capital city is teeming with options for a tasty momo fix. Besides being a spicy favorite in the menu of some famed restaurants, there are certain cafes as well which cater to this amazing treat. Here are some of the best options from across the city to help you relish a variety of momos.


1) Momo Cafe, Keshari Talkies Complex

Available at the most reasonable prices in the city, this place is a hit favorite among all movie-goers & others. The fried-veg momos with capsicum & sweet corn stuffing will let your mouth feel a cacophony of tingling sensations whereas the succulent chicken momos served with tangy chutney will lead you onto a pleasurable trip of good taste and satisfaction. The crispy crunchy prawn momos are worth trying too.

momo cafe


2) Appetite, Shahid Nagar

Situated at a strategic location surrounded by colleges and guest houses, this place boasts of immensely tasty chicken momos besides other lip smacking eatables. The meat stuffing inside their momos is just the right amount of spicy n salty. Keep your own choice and we bet you would love them in either steamed or fried.



3) Smack Cafe, Patia

If you want to treat yourself with momos that have a harmonious combination of sweet, salty and spicy flavors, then BINGO! The scintillating schezwan sauce accompanying the yummy pan-fried momos are something which will help your moods soar. Vegetarians can try out the corn &  spring onion filled momos apart from the regular ones while the non-vegetarians should try their chicken schezwan momos, both steamed & fried!



4) Richard’s Kitchen & Coffee Bar, Patia

This place welcomes you with a great rooftop space & an amazing range of delicacies. Traditional Tibetan style momos are what you can look up here. Deftly shaped into crescents, the pan- fried momos are a luscious indulgence which you can treat yourselves to. Its right amount of gravy & sauce is an ultimate delight. Moreover, their steamed momos are no less. Each plate will leave you wanting more!



5) Mainland China, Nayapalli

Exuding true Chinese essence, right from their ambience to cuisine, this place offers a variety of bewitching dumplings. Chocolate dumplings served with chocolate sauce are something to die for, while same goes for their spinach dimsums too. Also the basil flavoured chicken dumplings corn & water chestnut filled dumplings will leave a blissfully sweet & piquant taste in your mouth. Moreover, their prawn hargao is something you should definitely try!

Mainland China

Pic courtesy: Mainland China


6) Silver Streak, BMC Bhawani Mall, Shahid Nagar

A favorite hangout for people of all age groups, this eating joint serves amazingly tasty Ching kao momos with both veggies as well as chicken stuffing. You can have it steamed or pan- fried according to your mood. The steamed ones are dry whereas the pan fried ones are sautéed with minced onions and slight gravy.



Perhaps the hunt for the tastiest momos might not end here. While this is just a comprehensive list of some of the best places in Bhubaneswar where momos can be relished, there may be others which may have managed to get you floored. Do drop in your favorite momo-indulgence place in the comment box below!