Friday, September 22, 2017

17 Unique Traits Which Every Typical Odia Will Relate To!

The state of Odisha as well as the Odia culture are hugely diverse but still there are certain unique and peculiar traits which are common to every Odia. Be it in the lifestyle or culinary habits and even a general outlook to life, there are certain characteristics which can be found majorly in Odia homes and the individuals alike. Here we bring you all those typical qualities which you will certainly feel familiar while reading!


1) The Omnipresent Lord Jagannath

Look around and we are sure you will definitely come across either an idol, poster or at least a calendar which has the depiction of Lord Jagannath. Apart from the regular idol which is worshipped at the place of puja, there are so many other spaces adorned by the ‘Supremo.’


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2)  The Art Of Chitta & Jhoti

This art is mastered by women of all Odia families, and is seen on Thursdays or occasions when Godess Lakshmi is worshipped. The rice & water paste is deftly converted into beautiful impressions of two feet which is believed to depict Goddess Lakhsmi’s feet besides drawing up various floral designs. But nowadays, unlike the hand drawn designs, stickers are preferably used!


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3) Muruja, An Odia Rangoli Version!

The rangoli designs made exclusively during festivals like Diwali, Kartika Purnima etc. from coloured powder, Muruja is something which is well known among all Odias. Although it takes up a bit of skill & patience to create, this beautiful art with Muruja. It  simply makes everyone delighted in the end!


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4) An Offering From The First Harvest

Considered to be of religious importance, this small bunch of wheat has found a permanent place for itself in Odia households and is nowadays kept throughout the year. It is typically to mark the first harvest that is offered to Goddess Lakshmi during Manabasa.


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5) Favouritism Towards The Traditional Kula

Ever seen your mother rhythmically swing that Kula and the subsequent thap sound that comes when it is beaten from beneath? Yes that’s what we are talking about. Though its traditional form is being replaced with the plastic ones, but still it is a wonderful thing to separate dust, pebbles or any small adulterant from pulses & grains!


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6)  Binchana, The Hand Woven Fan

It is a typical age old solution to provide instant relief during times of load-shedding, so old that it was even used by the zamindars. Binchana has found an honourable position/its presence in Odia homes irrespective of class and social status. Plus it saves one from flabby arms too!

binchana7) Non vegetarian Delight On Sundays

By growing up in an Odia family, everyone might be knowing this mandatory ritual. The aromatic smell that emanates from the kitchen on Sundays is way more alluring than the ready to eat preserved chicken served at food joints. What more, mom also calls and gives two pieces of the yummy savoury to check whether it has been cooked properly or not. Heavenly right?


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8) Reusable Jam & Pickle Bottles

If you have dared to enter your mother’s territory in the home, the kitchen, then you would have noticed this hack for sure. Old jam bottles, especially the Kissan ones have doubled up for reuse to store spices. The masalas in paper packets need a more permanent store place, and these old jam or pickle bottles come to the rescue. Of course there are trendier container sets available but jam and pickle bottles are both economical as well as air-tight!

odia-kitchen-arrangement9) Pitha For Every Occasion

This desi version of cakes, pithas are prepared in Odia households since time immemorial. With a wide variety available, these are prime delicacies prepared on auspicious occasions. And if it’s your birthday, then your mother will make it a point to actually prepare some pitha, generally chakuli pitha!


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10) The Everyday Bags From Rice Sacks

Being an Odia, you surely must not have come to terms with paper bags. The ones stitched from empty rice sacks are used regularly which you will find in your mom or dad’s hand the moment they set out foot to visit the hata. Be it for veggies or groceries, these bags are not only strong but also super spacious to even accommodate those extra free chillies & lemon in its corners.

11) The Sacred Thread Of Women

Married Odia women observe many fasts and each have their own importance. One of them is the Sudasa Vrata, when women chant names of Goddess Lakshmi and put a knot onto the brata with each name. They wear this brata on their arms throughout the year until the next Sudasa Vrata. So, check out your mom’s arm and you will surely find a yellow or white coloured thread.

12) Gamuchha, The Regular Men’s Wear

This can well be proclaimed as a uniform of Odia men. It is a small rectangular piece of cloth which is both comfortable and convenient while changing into clothes or while taking a bath. It is available in basically chequered pattern and common colours available are red, green and blue!


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13) The Puja Collection In Every Odia Woman’s Wardrobe

Seen that white or yellow saree with red designs on it stacked away only to be pulled out on specific pujas? One would definitely agree that these not just look pretty but also ooze out a very aesthetic style.

festive-saree-odisha13) The Relaxed Mustard Oil Massage

No massage can ever be the same as that of your mom’s mustard oil massage, delivered with utmost love and care. You not just get cured of that runny nose but the tender way with which your mother dabs it on your head is enough to provide instant relaxation!

sorisa-tela-malish-odisha14) Half Brick Packs Under Bed Posts

This hack is pretty much observed in every other Odia household. In order to enhance the life line of wooden beds and saving them from getting damaged by water or mites, customized brick packs are commonly used under the bed posts!

khata-odia-odisha15) The Elegant Sambalpuri Garments

Almost every Odia loves to flaunt his/her most pretty Sambalpuri garment. Besides depicting the fine artistry of the weavers of Odisha, Sambalpuri garments are one that define classy and elegant dress up! It’s lovely hues and graceful designs absolutely makes everyone want to show off.


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16) Stocking Up Old Invitation Cards

Whether you collect those plastic Ganpati figures stuck on wedding cards or double them up as super cool DIYs, old invitation cards are good resources for crafts like envelopes etc.


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Do you know any other exclusive trait found among Odias or seen in Odia households? Let us know in the comment box below!