Friday, September 22, 2017

12 Things That Truly Make Cuttack An Amazing City!

Exploring Cuttack is synonymous to going back in time. No doubt, one will get a town-like feeling once stepped in this place because of its utter relaxed pace of life and a little chaotic atmosphere. But Cuttack is not to be given up easily since there’s more to it than what meets the eye. Apart from being a melting point of history and religion, the rooted cultural atmosphere of Cuttack is unique and cannot be easily forgotten. Let’s uncover some fascinating charms of this Millennium city which sets it apart from every other place!


1) High Court is the highness here!

Following a lot of pre & post Independence agitations, it was in 1948 that Odisha’s high court in Cuttack got established and which stands spectacularly until this day. While the earlier iconic red building was set up in Indo-European style, its functioning has been shifted to an updated structure since 2014.


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 2) Barabati Stadium is a hot topic of debate

Cuttack has its own share of magnetic attractions but it is through Barabati Stadium that the Millennium city is much talked about in other states and countries. Considered to be one of the oldest cricket grounds, the well-built stadium has spectated many International matches too. In fact, Barabati Stadium will even host India-England ODI match in January 2017.



3) The antiquated yet super friendly cycle rickshaws

Squeezing through the narrow streets of Cuttack gets simplified with a rickshaw tour. Although these eco-friendly rickshaws are fast disappearing from many cities, but the lanes of Cuttack are still abuzz with young & old rickshaw pullers who have kept the essence of this humble vehicle alive!


4) The Maritime connect!

Richly known for its maritime history with the islands of Java, Sumatra, Bali & other countries, Cuttack has truly preserved its glorious past in interesting ways. While the Odisha State Maritime Museum in Cuttack bears testimony to the maritime relations, the annual Baliyatra trade fair is primarily observed to reminisce & rejoice in these alliances!


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5) Cafe Corner is more than just a hangout spot!

This cafe is an iconic haunt for every other person. One can literally write chronicles & verses on good coffee after trying the Chocolate Mocha of Cafe Corner. The refreshing and caffeinating taste also lures visitors from adjoining cities. After having set a trend in roadside cold coffee, it has not been long that Cafe Corner opened its new outlet in the city.



6) A hub of age-old establishments

Ravenshaw University cuttack

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The grandeur of Cuttack is perfectly symbolised by its archaic institutions. While Ravenshaw University is all geared up to celebrate its 150 years of progressive existence from January 2017, the SCB Medical College here is touted to be the oldest & premier medical foundation of Odisha. Even the Cuttack Chandi temple & Barabati Fort are ancient constructions which rules on the hearts of this city!


7) The feeling of oneness is bang on!

The compassionate nature of people here getting to know you better might feel a little intrusive initially, but its warmth will be felt once you get into any real trouble. Also during major festivals, people happily throng the lanes in such a way that Cuttack almost turns into an authentic street carnival. Especially the Dussehra & Ganesh Puja revelries of Cuttack are some sights to behold!


8) The native place of esteemed personalities

Cuttack is the home of Subhas Chandra Bose, the freedom fighter whose place of birth has been converted into a museum. Madhusudan Das, the legendary maker of modern Odisha, & Biju Patnaik, the influential politician were also born in Cuttack. These and many other people played a revolutionary role in building up Cuttack, the way it is today.


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9) Silver Filigree adds another feather!

Cuttack is simply a treasure trove of some of the best silver filigree works. Although the contemporary trinkets & art pieces have lessened the demand for these silver filigree items, nevertheless the intricacy of its craftsmanship is unmatchable. It’s so beautiful that even the Durga idols & pandals in Cuttack embrace this exquisite work during Dussehra.


Pic Courtesy: AR Shakti Nanda


10) Can attain the tag of the street food capital of Odisha!

It is impossible to avoid street food in Cuttack. The list just does not start & end with only the revered Dahibara Aloodum. In fact, the city thrives with many other immensely satisfying delights on its street corners. Be it the famous Pav Bhaji or Mutton chop, Cuttack has more relishing foods to offer than one can ever expect.



11) The carefree we!

People of Cuttack simply don’t juggle with their daily living. Life is carefree here and there is no need to rush. Yes, there are certain worrisome street civic sense issues, but definitely the place is free from the evils such as getting stuck in tiresome traffic jams or commuting for hours to reach a place.

cuttack khatti


12) Extra points for the natural beauty spots!

There’s enough greenery to stare around here. While Naraj needs no description, the Ring Road in the length and breadth of Cuttack are an everyday reminder of nature’s bliss in this city. And with other gazing spots near Jobra barrage & Ring Road, the day-breaks & evenings are spent in sheer peace.


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Love for this city will only grow over time. Do share with us any other catch points of Cuttack which you adore and the ones which we might have missed out!