Friday, September 22, 2017

11 Famous Odia Comedians Who Have Been Our All Time Favourites!

The Ollywood fraternity has never lacked in its store of comedy and has been brimming with many veterans as well as budding comedians who make everyone laugh at their jokes. Be it through weird body language, or morphing common activities into funny dialogues, comedians play a pivotal role in movies and keep us entertained throughout!


Here we have compiled a list of the best and funniest comic actors of the Ollywood industry in no particular order! 


 1) Jayiram Samal

Fondly known as Jayi, he can be dubbed as Ollywood’s Johnny Lever for his trademark peculiar laugh. Always on a lean frame, this veteran has set a milestone starting from the famous movie Jajabara in 1975. Apart from movies, he also does stage shows and never fails to tickle our funny bones. With no mood to retire yet, he is still going strong in his skills.



 2) Harihara Mohapatra

He truly deserves the lion’s share from the cake of appreciation as he is able to mould himself through every genre of art. A lesser known fact is that he is the first Odia actor to act for a CD film. Be it movies like Sata Micha or the highly appreciated Rumku Jhumana, Harihar’s dialogue delivery is one of the finest kind. ‘E ranga rahile hela’ catapulted him into the group of A-line artists and he has never looked back since then.



 3) Braja Singh

From a lean and lanky constable in Jor jar mulak tar in 1986, Braja has come a long way with about 90 movies to his credit. Honed and polished exactly according to the need of the generation, he has been famous among Odias with every successive movie.



 4) Tatwaprakash Sathpathy

Popular among masses as Papu Pom Pom, Tatwaprakash has showcased immense versatility. Starting his career as a radio jockey with 104 FM, he has been moving up the popularity ladder with his epic one liners like Kan Kala Se and his ultimate hilarious shows Faltu Katha and Excuse me please! His new age adaption to language and gestures used by today’s youth has helped him to build a special rapport with the audience.



 5) Bhakta Prahlada Charan Patnaik

Famous by the name Hadu, this pot- bellied, big moustached guy has enthralled us by being the most adorable domestic help, the fun- monger constable, and a too cute to be tapori character in movies. His laudable feats are the characters played in movies like Chaaniya, Mate Bahu Kari Neija and his spectacular timing at performing situational comedy.



 6) Debu Brahma

Introduced to stardom with Ram Rahim, Debu has mostly played as a constable throughout his filmy sojourn. This veteran has the power to completely own our laugh by making insanely funny faces with a characteristic lisp in his dialogue delivery. He loves to keep his hair disheveled and has also played  a compounder in most of his movies.



 7) Jyotsna Satpathy

Popularly known as Mamina, Jyotsna has acted in over 150 movies and has showcased terrific talent in comedy. Entering into Odia film industry way back in 1978 as a female comedian was no less than a huge feat. Matching up with her male counterparts, her trademark giggle always wove magic around the audience. She basically showed up in roles like a nurse, or maid servant and sometimes even playing the love interest of the male comedian.



 8) Sadhana Parija

This chubby cheeked, dimpled chinned fair lady was awarded amply for her outstanding commitment and contribution towards Ollywood industry. Referred as the Comedy Queen and famous as Runu, Sadhana has also portrayed her talent as an onscreen villain with a punch of humour to her roles. And also while playing serious roles, she remains equally deft. Her typical way of elongating certain words like, eee maaaa was strong enough to make us glued to our seats till she completed her act!



 9) Arabinda Shadangi

With art in his blood since childhood, life’s vagaries could not deter this thin and slender comedian from creating a niche in the movie industry. He has justified his acts of being a compounder, transgender and even as a fellow constable to real life friend Debu Brahma, with whom he has played the constable role in more than 25 movies! Arabinda has been an epitome of realistic expressions, song and dance renditions.



 10) Pragyan Ranjan Khatua

This short statured funny man is an avid stand up comedian who recently tried his luck in movies. His famous shows Bheja Fry and CID have exhibited various flavours of comedy and has showcased him in characters like of a dahi vada seller or a budding director from Mumbai and many others. Belonging to the present generation of multi-faceted artists, his comedy jabs spare no one in the society. He portrays many social issues through his acts and tries out to reach all categories of audience.



 11) Jeevan Panda

Usage of English in his acts is what characterizes Jeeban’s comic timing. Initially a theatre artist, he has derived the nuances of acting from drama itself. Having stepped into movies with the role of a transgender in Panchu Pandava, Jeevan has traversed a successful journey in the industry since then.